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Enhance operating force readiness by providing skilled Marines in CBRN Defense disciplines, while developing, sustaining, and synchronizing the doctrine, training and education continuum. 


Develop superior instructors who lead, mentor, and teach.

  • Produce state of the art instruction across career progression. (Includes training areas, facilities, and equipment “premiere CBRN Defense Training Site”).
  • Optimize Inter Service training and education opportunities.
  • Recognized as the Marine Corps’ advocate and duty expert for doctrine, training and education for CBRN Defense.

CBRN Defense Specialist Basic Course (5711) (A16T3B4)

Basic Skills - 4 weeks
Hazard Prediction - 5 weeks
Contamination Avoidance - 2 weeks
Decontamination - 1 week
Advanced - 1 week 

About the CBRN Specialist Basic Course:

CBRN Defense Specialists' primary responsibility is to train their unit to survive and operate in a CBRN environment. CBRN Defense Specialists conduct and supervise training for individual survival measures for unit personnel, unit and staff level training, CBRN monitoring and survey team training and decontamination team training. CBRN Specialists also operate within the unit's combat operations center assisting CBRN Defense Officers and CBRN Defense Chiefs in providing commanders with recommended courses of action to meet operational objectives in a CBRN environment facilitating mission accomplishment. CBRN Defense Specialists provide information to the CBRN Defense Officers and CBRN Defense Chiefs relative to CBR exposure status, location of contaminated areas on the battlefield, and readiness status of their unit's CBRN equipment. Additionally, CBRN Defense Specialists are responsible for embarkation, operator level maintenance, and serviceability of unit CBRN equipment and supplies.



1.  Must be a U.S. Citizen.

2.  Must possess a GT score of 110 or higher.

3.  Security requirement: Secret security clearance eligibility.

4.  Must not be color blind.

5.  Must not have any respiratory problem that prohibits a masked individual from accomplishing their assigned tasks.

6.  Must not have any known hypersensitivity to the wearing of protective clothing or immunizations.

Requirements:  Complete the Basic CBRN Defense Enlisted Course at the U.S. Marine Corps CBRN School, Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.

Duties:  For a complete list of duties and tasks, refer to NAVMC 3500.78_, CBRN Training and Readiness Manual. See also CBRN Defense Specialist 5711 MOS Road Map.

Course  Dates: FY22/FY23 (Course dates subject to change)

     CLASS          REPORT               CONVENE         GRADUATE  

    03-22        5/19/2022        5/23/2022       8/23/2022

    04-22        8/4/2022          8/8/2022         11/8/2022

    01-23        10/5/2022        10/14/2022     2/7/2023             

    02-23        1/11/2023         1/18/2023       4/18/2023                           

    03-23        3/15/2023         3/24/2023       6/27/2023                           

    04-23        5/24/2023         5/30/2023       8/29/2023                           

    05-23        8/23/2023         8/30/2023       12/5/2023

CBRN Chief Course (SSgt-GySgt) (A16KJK4)

CBRN Administrative – 4 days
CBRN Threats, Hazards and Effects – 5 days
CBRN Planning - 17 days
Control Center Operations – 4 days

About the CBRN Chief Course:

The CBRN Defense Chief is the Senior Enlisted Advisor and assists the CBRN Defense Officer, operations officers, and commanders in the planning, preparation, execution, and supervision of CBRN related matters including training, deployment and tactical employment of CBRN equipment, are proficient as Hazardous Materials Technician and Incident Commander for CBRN activities supporting Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD). CBRN Defense Chiefs supervise and coordinate the preparation of personnel, equipment for movement/placement, and the establishment and operation of CBRN centers. CBRN Defense Chiefs also provide acquisition support regarding capabilities assessment, test and evaluation, and program management.


Complete the CBRN Chief Course, at U.S. Marine Corps CBRN School, Fort Leonard Wood, MO.


Adjudicated Active Secret Clearance prior to attendance of the USMC CBRN School, Ft Leonard Wood, MO.


For a complete listing of duties and tasks, see NAVMC 3500.78_, CBRN Defense Training and Readiness Manual. See also the CBRN Chief Road Map.

Course Dates: FY22/FY23 (Course dates subject to change)

    CLASS          REPORT          CONVENE          GRADUATE

    02-22             9/18/22              9/19/22               10/28/22

    01-23             3/27/23              3/28/23                5/9/23

CBRN Basic Warrant Officer Course (5702) (A16EGI4)

Marine / Army Unique CBRN Basic - 1 week

CBRN Administration - 1 week

CBRN Threats, Hazards and Effects - 2 weeks

Consolidated CBRN Basic - 1 week

CBRN Planning - 3 weeks

Control Center Operations - 1 week

About the CBRN Basic WO Course:

CBRN Defense Officers function as supervisors, coordinators, technical advisers, and Special Staff Officers to the Commanding Officer for operational and technical functions associated with CBRN and supporting Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction (C-WMD) related issues within the command. CBRNDOs provide technical expertise pertaining to the management, procurement, and distribution of CBRN capabilities. They plan, coordinate, and supervise CBRN related training, and prepare plans, annexes, orders, and standard operating procedures relative to CBRN. CBRNDOs also advise commanders on the vulnerability of their own forces, and work with intelligence, plans and operations, and logistics communities in collecting, evaluating, and dissemination of information concerning enemy/ adversary CBRN capabilities, as well as other information relating to CBRN threats and hazards supporting C-WMD objectives.


  1. Must be a U.S. citizen. 
  2. Applicants to be considered for selection as a Warrant Officer in MOS 5702 must be the rank of sergeant or above and have previously held MOS 5711/5769 or have served a minimum of 2 years in a 5711/5769 billet of which 12 consecutive months of observed fitness reports is documented.
  3. SCI security clearance eligibility. Application for SSBI must be submitted prior to attendance of the USMC CBRN School, Ft Leonard Wood, MO.
  4. Must not be color blind.
  5. Must not have any respiratory problems that would prohibit accomplishing their assigned tasks while masked. 


 Complete the CBRN Basic Warrant Officer Course, at U.S. Marine Corps CBRN School, Fort Leonard Wood, MO.


For a complete listing of duties and tasks, see NAVMC 3500.78_, CBRN Defense Training and Readiness Manual. See also the CBRN Officer Road Map.

Course Dates: FY22/FY23 (Course dates subject to change)

    CLASS          REPORT          CONVENE          GRADUATE

     01-22            6/5/22               6/6/22                  8/11/22

     01-23            6/4/23               6/5/23                  8/10/23

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