ď„…Marine Corps Detachment Fort Leonard Wood
Uniformed Readiness Coordinator

On behalf of the Commanding Officer, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Marine Corps Detachment Fort Leonard Wood (MARCORDET FLW). My name is 2ndLt Annie Morozko and I am honored to serve as your Uniformed Readiness Coordinator (URC).

Command Readiness is a vital part of our unit’s mission to support our Marines, Sailors, and the wellbeing of our families. While it is the primary responsibility of the individual Marine/Sailor to keep his/her family informed, the URC can assist in this responsibility by providing resource information regarding the many services and programs that are available.

Contact information is important, and that is why I value yours. When your Marine or Sailor checks in, he/she provides me with family members’ information so that I may keep you informed and connected; please ensure your Marine/Sailor has listed you as a contact. The URC utilizes the MARCORDET FLW Facebook page, unit website, and email to send information concerning classes, free events, unit gatherings, and more to keep you in the know! Sensitive information will only be passed via phone or in person.

I believe that in order to succeed as a military family, you have to have the right tools. These tools include an understanding of how the military works and an abundant knowledge of resources. To provide you with these tools I urge you to reach out to me if ever you have a question. Building resilient families, Marines, and Sailors to be prepared for whatever the Marine Corps challenge you with is my priority.

Every day is a learning experience as a member of the Marine Corps family. As your URC, I am available to help you with a variety of challenges as a communication link and an information and referral resource. This includes the service members, spouses, parents, extended family, friends, and others.

I encourage you to get involved and attend the different events we host here in FLW, I am always in need of volunteers so please contact me if you are interested in helping out in one form or another! In the meantime please let me know if there is anything we can help you with. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at the numbers listed above or via e-mail.

Again, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Fort Leonard Wood family. I look forward to having you as a valuable member of our team.

Unit Readiness Coordinator

Primary URC

2ndLt Annie Morozko

Comm: 573-596-8165


Secondary URC

Capt Nicholas Buccarelli

Comm: 908-403-8006