School of Infantry - West
Advanced Infantry Training Battalion
Light Armored Reconnaissance Training Company - LARLC Course


The Light Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) Leaders Course provides training and education to Infantry Officers and Staff Non-Commissioned Officers to command and supervise the training, operations, employment and maintenance required of LAR units and their associated weapons and equipment.  The course provides classroom instruction and practical application of routine vehicle operations, maintenance management, and communications.  It is supplemented by simulation-based training for Turret familiarization, and target engagement.  The detailed instruction on reconnaissance and security operations, tactical employment, and limited offensive operations.  Students are evaluated in a tactical environment on thier ability to employ a light armored reconnaissance platoon to accomplish the mission.

* The student must be at least a Staff Sergeant (E-6) or equivalent rank. Enlisted Marines attending this course must have successfully completed the Light Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle Commander Course.

* The student must be assigned or slated for assignment to a Marine Corps Light Armored Reconnaissance unit.

* The student must have one year of obligated service remaining upon completion of the course.

* The student must be physically qualified for full duty and capable of performing strenuous activities in garrison and a field environment.

* The student must be able to pass the seasonal fitness test and comply with Marine Corps height and weight standards.

* The student must be free of any administrative, legal, medical, dental, or personal problems that would hinder training.

* International Military Students (IMS) must meet the above criteria as well as the following:

  - Attend under the FMS or IMET program.

  - Bring country specific uniforms (seasonal service uniform and 4 sets Battle Dress Uniform (BDU). Physical training gear, map pens, notebook, etc. can be purchased on site for approximately US $100.00. Required training equipment and gear will be provided.

  - IMS are required to participate in all physical, field, and classroom training.

  - IMS are required to have all required security clearances or will not participate in classified instruction.

  - IMS are required to have health insurance.

  - Dependents are NOT authorized.

  - IMS will require an ECL of 70 or above.

* Students that do not meet the above course prerequisites may seek a waiver. Waivers may be granted on a case-by case basis by the Commanding Officer of LAR Training Company who holds overall discretion for waiver authorization.

6 Weeks
30 Training Days

Week 1
* Light Armored Vehicle 25 Operations - Provides the Light Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) Unit Leader with the knowledge and technical skills they are expected to possess to direct the operation and employment of an LAR Platoon equipped with the Light Armored Vehicle 25A2 (LAV-25A2). The Marine will receive information on capabilities and limitations of the LAV-25A2, vehicle operation, preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS), LAV-25A2 communications equipment, vehicle recovery, and towing.

* Direct Light Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) Unit Fires -  Provides the LAR Unit Leader with the knowledge and skills essential to direct the efficient use of available firepower to defeat the enemy. The Marine will receive information on establishing a Unit battle position, directing LAR unit fires, and fire support planning.

Week 2
* Light Armored Reconnaissance Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) – Prepares the Marine to develop the knowledge and skills the Light Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) Unit Leader requires to lead a platoon in a complex operational environment. The Marine will receive information on preparation for LAR operations, resupply operations, employment of scout teams, how to conduct a tactical road march, occupying an assembly area, the passage of lines, LAR offensive actions, and amphibious operations.

Weeks 3 - 5
* Armored Security and Reconnaissance Operations – The Marine will develop the knowledge and skills the Light Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) Unit Leader requires to lead a platoon in an armored reconnaissance and security operations. The desired outcome is to develop confidence and a basic proficiency for planning and executing platoon reconnaissance tasks (Zone, Area, and Route) to gain information and survey enemy territory. The student will plan and execute platoon security tasks (Screen) to provide early and accurate warning of enemy actions, provide time and  maneuver space to react to the enemy, and to develop a situation. The Marine will receive information on fundamentals of reconnaissance, reconnaissance planning guidance, operational considerations, reconnaissance techniques, forms of armored reconnaissance, performing a reconnaissance handover, fundamentals of security tasks, and forms of armored security operations.

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