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The Marine Combatant Diver Course (MCDC) is the primer school for combatant diving within the armed forces. Its goal is to take Marines from the Reconnaissance and MARSOC communities, and turn them into the most proficient, combat ready divers within the operational forces.  While attending MCDC Marines will be challenged every day in ways others could only imagine. Only Marines with the utmost perseverance, mental toughness, and espirit de corps will leave this course as Combatant Divers. We will give you the tools to be successful in the aquatic environment. If you have been chosen by your unit to attend MCDC please review the prerequisites below and then contact us to answer any questions you may have (850) 235-5266 MCDD SNCOIC.

MARINE CORPS COMBATANT DIVE DETACHMENT (MCDD) – MCDD houses two POIs supporting the diving community. The MCDC is designed to train basic and advanced open and closed circuit diving techniques in order to effectively function as a member of a dive team in support of the operating forces. This course combines lecture, demonstration, practical application, and performance examinations in the following areas; underwater searches, underwater navigation, diving medicine, diving fundamentals, diving physiology, open circuit SCUBA employment, closed circuit UBA employment, and lock out truck familiarization.

The Marine Corps Combatant Dive Supervisor Course (MCDSC) is designed to qualify students with the techniques required to identify diving maladies, safely supervise a recompression chamber, open-circuit SCUBA, or closed-circuit UBA diving operations. This course combines lecture, demonstration, practical applications, and performance examinations in the following areas; nomenclature, advanced diving medicine, dive mission planning procedures, open-circuit SCBUA employment, and closed-circuit UBA employment.

Detachment Commander
COM: (850) 230-7051

Detachment SNCOIC
(COM: (850) 235-5266

SCUBA/Mk-25 Office
COM: (850) 230-7437