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Training Command
Training Marines, Developing Leaders

Training Command, as the Marine Corps Proponent for MOS individual-skill training, analyzes, designs, develops, resources, implements, and evaluates standards-based individual training in order to provide combat-capable Marines and Sailors to the operating forces.

1.  Manage, monitor, and execute the individual MOS skill training of Marines (initial and skill-progression) in order to ensure Marines train to common standards. 

2. Analyze and evaluate training in order to support integration across the T&E continuum and ensure institutional effectiveness and efficiency. 

3. Assess and influence student flow from MCRDs/OCS through MOS schools in order to minimize impact on P2T2. 

4. Provide advocacy for TRNGCMD organizations on personnel, fiscal, facilities, and equipment resource requirements in order to ensure they can execute the assigned mission. 

5. Identify emerging training requirements and develop standards and institutionalize training programs to better prepare Marines the current fight. 

6. Coordinate with other Services to ensure Marine Corps training requirements are met at other service locations. 

7. Execute common command functions in order to effectively and efficiently execute assigned missions.