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Training Command


Training Command

Quantico, Virgina

Mission Statement

The G-4 exercises staff cognizance for the development and execution of the Commanding General's polices ensuring effective logistic support for the command, to include oversight and advocacy for the Headquarters and subordinate Formal Learning Centers (FLC) in the following logistics activities:

  •     Supply
  •     Facilities and maintenance
  •     Equipment maintenance, repair and evacuation
  •     Transportation and movement
  •     Procurement/contracting and disposal of assets
  •     Ammunition accountability and management operations
  •     Other related logistic activities

SUPPLY OFFICER  (703) 784-0938


SUPPLY CHIEF  (703) 784-3226


SUPPLY ADMIN CHIEF (703) 432-2433


CMR CLERK/FISCAL CLERK  (703) 432-2245


AMMUNITION OFFICER  (703) 432-2239


AMMUNITION CHIEF (703) 784-0550


FACILITIES ( 703) 432-2985