Marine Corps Detachment Fort Leonard Wood
Home of the Marines of the Ozarks

Marine Corps Detachment Fort Leonard Wood will provide properly trained personnel, adequate resources, and administrative support to ensure that Engineer Equipment Operates, Maintainers and Technicians; Military Police and Corrections Officers; Motor Transport Operators; CBRN Specials; and Non-Lethal Weapons Instructors are trained to standard while continuing the Transformation process.

Commander's Guidance and Philosophy

New joins must bring the following upon reporting: Detaching endorsement, web orders, flight itineraries, and zero balance itemized receipts if claiming temporary lodging expenses near the old or new PDS. The Marine must also bring that paperwork if coming from overseas and had a vehicle stored in a VPC. If you are reporting in during working hours (0730-1630), you must check in wearing service alphas to Marine Corps Detachment, 14813 Leatherneck Drive, Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473, S-1 [POC: (573) 337-9853]. If you report in after working hours, you will check in with the duty to building 1772 on Michigan Avenue (POC: 573-337-9628). All Marines will be required to check into LPT BLDG 1772 at all hours with the following: Reporting orders and wearing Service Alphas.

Marriage Packages:

Marines must bring the following: marriage certificate, spouse’s social security card, spouse’s birth certificate, and spouse’s identification card. When the Marines come to the S-1, a full OMPF audit is conducted to ensure the Marine receives the correct entitlements, such as Basic Allowance for Housing.

Child Support:
Marines must provide court documentation stating that they support the child. The Marine has to pay more than the BAH differential rate to rate it. If the Marine has a child born out of wedlock, you must provide the S-1 with a notarized child affidavit form (DD Form 137-4).
Education and Awards:

Marines must submit through an EPAR via MOL their official transcripts, school certificates, and awards (Cert Com and below) to reflect in their record and OMPF.

Students TAD to Marine FLW
If you are a Marine and will be attending any training course aboard Fort Leonard Wood, you must report to Detachment S-1 with DTS orders (default form) in hand after you check into your course. All travelers must make lodging reservations via Defense Travel System (DTS) during the authorization creation before your trip. While at Fort Leonard Wood, Detachment S-1 will issue you a Reporting and Detaching Endorsement that will include a Statement of Non-Availability (SNA) upon completing your training course. The lodging hotel name in DTS for Fort Leonard Wood is “Candlewood Suites, Fort Leonard Wood.”
Customer Service
For all other administrative issues, please get in touch with the Marine Corps Detachment S-1 Customer Service section at (573) 337-4320
Inbound Joins: (573)337-9853
Reserve Liaison: (573) 337-9813
Mail Room: (573) 337-4320
Hours: 0730-1130/1300-1630
(S-1 will be staffed with a phone watch during lunch hours)
All Marines on MROWS orders will be required to:
  • Check in to S-1 from 0730-1630 or after-hours BLDG 1772.
  • Speak to the Reserve Training Liaison located in S-1, POC: 573-596-7328.
30-Day Partial Payments (Officer TEMINS):
  • All Officers must bring in a ZERO balance receipt from the night they assumed quarters.
  • Sit with a clerk and sign a 1351-2 (travel claim).
*** If the Officer is a Government Travel Charge Card holder, it is recommended that the Officer use that as a payment method; if the card is not working correctly, report to the S-1 immediately.
1 Month from a Marines EAS, they must report to the S-1 for the following:
  • Separations data sheet, Medical and Dental Qualification, and Check out sheet.
  • To discuss all pay entitlements and when pay will stop.
  • Marines are required to check out thoroughly. Marines that fail to do so will not be authorized to receive separation documents.
* Note 30 days from a Marines EAS direct deposit, and all allotments will stop.
Every Marine PCSing from the Detachment must complete MOL Outbound Interview at least 30 days before their Estimated Departure date. Marines PCSing Overseas must report to S-1 immediately after notification. The Clerk will go over the following:
  • Basic orders and all PCS entitlements are the member rates.
  • All documentation for Overseas Screening given to the Marine must be turned into the S-1 no later than 30 working days before the Marine's detach date.
For all Marines that have left Fort Leonard Wood and have missed their flight, please call 573-329-4141 or 855-298-7296.
Customer Service:
For all other administrative issues, please get in touch with the Marine Corps Detachment S-1 Customer Service section at 573-596-1044.
(573) 596-0131
Reserve Liaison: 573-596-7328
Customer Service: 573-596-8168
Mail Room: 573-596-7333
Hours: 0730-1130/1300-1700
(S-1 will be staffed with a phone watch during lunch hours)
Lambert-St. Louis International (STL)
2-hour drive to Fort Leonard Wood.
Springfield-Branson Regional (SGF)
1-hour 15-minute drive to Fort Leonard Wood.
Waynesville Regional-Forney Field (TBN)  
Located on Fort Leonard Wood. 
Book a ticket online at or call (573) 840-0643
Hertz Rental Cars
24/7 Post Cab Company
COM: (573) 336-0111
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Marine Corps Detachment
14813 Leatherneck Drive
Fort Leonard Wood, MO

Guide for Fort Leonard Wood Access Click Here

24/7 Fort Leonard Wood Visitor Center
316 Missouri Ave
Fort Leonard Wood, MO
Pass/Visitor Request (573)-596-0356/0590

**Minors do not need ID**

Command Duty Officer (CDO)
COM: (573)337-9628 or (573)596-0131

S-1 Customer Service
COM: (573)-337-4320

Inbound (joins)
COM: (573)-337-9853

Reserve Liaison
COM: (573)-337-9813

Mail Room
COM: (573)-337-4320

Unit Readiness Coordinator
COM: (573)-596-8165

Sexual Assault Responder Coordinator (SARC)
COM: (573)-596-0186 or (573)-337-9632

DOD Safe Helpline
COM: 1-877-995-5247

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Marine Corps Detachment Fort Leonard Wood Leadership

Commanding Officer, Fort Leonard Wood Detachment

Col Scottie S. Redden

Colonel Redden enlisted in the Marine Corps in July 1996 and graduated a Private First Class from MCRD Paris Island, South Carolina in April 1997.  Upon completion of Marine Combat Training and MOS school, Private First Class Redden reported to Company B, 4th Combat Engineer Battalion, 4th Marine...

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Sergeant Major, Fort Leonard Wood Detachment

SgtMaj Eric P. Bauer

Sergeant Major Bauer is a native of Missouri.  He underwent recruit training at MCRD, San Diego, CA in June 1995 and completed Infantry Training at SOI West, Camp Pendleton, CA for MOS training as an 0311 Rifleman where he was meritoriously promoted upon graduation.  Private First Class Bauer then...

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