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Training Command
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Inspector General



The TRNGCMD Inspector General represents the Commanding General through the execution of a Commanding General Inspection Program (CGIP), conduct Hotline Investigations of non-criminal complaints (ethics, fraud, waste and abuse, whistle blower) and review/ coordinate Request Mast addressed to the Commanding General. 
CGIP promotes the efficiency, economy, mission performance, and provide subordinate commanders a positive and constructive assessment tool in which to assess their compliance with appropriate standards and policies and act as advocates for training support requirements needed to accomplish their primary mission – “to produce basic MOS-qualified Marines for service in the Operating Forces and Supporting Establishments.

Individuals may Submit a Complaint report per MCO 5370.8A, to the Command Inspector's "Hotline" Program.

 Address      Telephone  
Commanding General
Attn:Command Inspector
1019 Elliot Road, Butler Hall Quantico, VA 22134-5050
DSN: 378-1650

Command Inspector General 
Comm (703) 784-3073, DSN 278

Deputy Inspector General
Comm (703) 432-1628, DSN 378 

Assistant Inspector General
Comm  (703) 432-1627, DSN 378
Comm 703-432-2667, DSN 378

Admin Chief/Inspector
Comm (703) 432-2668, DSN 378
Comm  703-432-2092, DSN 378 

Comm (703) 432-1650, DSN 378