School of Infantry - West
Advanced Infantry Training Battalion
Light Armored Reconnaissance Training Company - LARMC Course


The Light Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) Marine Course provides training and education to entry-level Marines that will serve as LAR vehicle drivers within a LAR battalion.  Upon completion of the course, students will possess the technical skills requisite of a LAR Marine.  Graduates of the course will receive the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) of 0313 LAR Marine and will receive a government vehicle operators permit for the Light Armored Vehicle (LAV).  The course provides detailed instruction on 1st Echelon Mainenance, Driving Techniques, LAR Turret Operations, and Water Operations.  To become a certified LAV operator, all students must pass:

1.  Intermediate swim qualification.
2.  MOS specific physical standards testing which consists of a 155lb deadlift and 115lb clean and press.
3.  Drivers performance examination.

* A Marine must be an active or reserve member of the Marine Corps.

* A Marine must be a Private through Sergeant who has graduated from Infantry Training Battalion as a 0311.  (Note: Marines seeking an MOS lateral move (LAT Move) to  the 0313 MOS are still required to complete ITB training if they have not been previously qualified in an infantry MOS 0311, 0331, 0341, 0351, or 0352.

* A Marine must have a Minimum GT of 90.

* A Marine must have a valid civilian driver's license and meet the following government licensing requirements:
  - Clean driving record appropriate for issue of SF-46 as evidenced by search of the National Driver Registry (NDR).
  - Normal color and depth perception, vision of at least 20/200 correctable to 20/20.
  - Meet the psychological and physiological qualifications required for licensing as an ordnance vehicle operator.

* A Marine must currently be qualified as a WS-B or WS-B(+) swimmer.

* A Marines height must be between 65 and 75 inches.

* A Marine must not have any personal, legal, or medical issues that would interfere with their ability to complete the course.

* A Marine must meet Marine Corps height, weight, and body fat standards.

* A Marine must achieve a passing score on the physical fitness test (PFT) upon arrival and prior to graduation.

6 Weeks
30 Training Days

Weeks 1 - 3
* LAV Operations – Provides the LAR Marine with the skills required to operate the LAV in a tactical environment.  The LAR Marine is familiarized with the characteristics, capabilities, and limitations of the LAV.  The method in which this training is delivered is focused on driving the LAV in simulated and realistic environmental conditions over various terrain to include reduced visibility.

* LAV Maintenance – Provides the LAR Marine with the skills required to perform Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS), lubrication procedures, and maintain SL-3 equipment for the LAV.  The training is delivered focuses on building the LAR Marines experience by conducting PMCS over the duration of the course assessing all aspects of PMCS as it relates to the responsibilities of the LAV driver.

Weeks 4 - 6
* LAV-25 Weapon Systems – Provides the LAR Marine with the skills required to maintain, operate and employ LAV-25 weapon systems.  This is accomplished by exposing the LAR Marine to LAV-25 fire control sighting system operation, weapon systems PMCS, pre-fire checks, bore sighting, zeroing, target engagement, immediate actions, and LAV-25 crew procedures.

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