School of Infantry - West
Advanced Infantry Training Battalion
Light Armored Reconnaissance Training Company - LARVC Course


The Light Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) Vehicle Commander Course provides training and education to Non-Commissioned Officers and Staff Non-Commissioned Officers to serve as a LAR Vehicle Commander in a LAR battalion.  The course provides detailed instruction on the LAV-25 weapon systems, communication systems, communication systems, command and control, tactics, maintenance and scout employment.

* Marine must be the rank of Corporal (E-4) through Staff Sergeant (E-6).

* Must have completed the 0313 Light Armored Reconnaissance Marine Course.

* Must possess a current record LAV-25 Gunnery Skills Test (LGST) score. The Marine must report with documentation that validates a passing score and the assessment must have been conducted within the last 3 months by the Battalion Master Gunner.

* Must have one year of obligated service or time on station for deployment with the parent unit remaining upon completion of the course.

* Must be physically qualified for full duty and be free of any administrative, legal, medical, dental, or personal problems that would hinder training.

* Due to operational tempo and course scheduling, officers may attend this course. Waivers for officer admittance must be granted by the Commanding Officer of LARTC.
   - In the event an officer is granted a waiver, the officer must meet course prerequisites 3 through 5 above.

* Students that do not meet the above course prerequisites may seek a waiver. Waivers may be granted on a case-by case basis by the Commanding Officer of LARTC who holds overall discretion for waiver authorization.

6 Weeks
27 Training Days

Weeks 1 - 6
* 0313 Core Competencies – Instruction provide the Vehicle Commander with common infantry leader knowledge and skills in the following areas:  Advanced land navigation, preparations for combat, call for fire, close air support procedures, counter IED, combat orders, combat reporting, and small unit training.

* LAV-25 Vehicle Operations – Introduces the LAR Vehicle Commander to the advanced technical skills and responsibilities they are expected to possess in order to direct the operation and employment of the LAV-25.  Students will receive instruction on:  Preventive maintenance checks and services, communications, vehicle recovery, and towing.

* LAV-25 Weapon Systems Employment – Trains Marines in the operation and employment of LAV-25 weapon systems.  Students will receive instruction on: Directing LAV-25 fires, range cards, M242 25MM automatic gun, M240 coaxial mounted machinegun, M240B swing-mounted machinegun and the M257 grenade launcher.

* Light Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) Tactics – Students will learn to incorporate the individual Vehicle Commanders actions into a contextual operational setting as a Vehicle Commander operating as part of an LAR Platoon. Students will receive instruction on: Tactical movement, occupy an assembly area, passage of lines, occupy a battle position, actions on contact, LAR scout employment, and reconnaissance and security operations. During this annex the Marines will participate in a commanders vehicle inspection where the LAR vehicle commander conducts an assessment to determine the accountability, cleanliness, and serviceability of the LAV-25 and its equipment.  Culminating in a LAR tactics performance assessment where the vehicle commander is assessed in operations that they will be required to execute in the operating forces.

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