School of Infantry - West
Advanced Infantry Training Battalion
Light Armored Reconnaissance Training Company - LARMG Course


The Light Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) Master Gunner Course provides training and education to Sergeants through Gunnery Sergeant.  The required skills necessary to serve as a Master Gunner in a LAR battalion.  The course focuses on developing and supervising a LAR unit in Gunnery Training Plan.  The LAR Master Gunner serves as the duty expert in weapons employment and maintenance procedures associated with the LAV-25 Series Vehicle.  The course provides detailed instruction on surface danger zones (SDZ), risk management (RM), unit training management (UTM), light armored vehicle training devices, light armored vehicle weapon systems, and light armored vehicle Gunnery standards/training techniques.  The course culminates with a Master Gunner Assessment Exercise where the students execute a unit Gunner Training Plan that they have developed.

* The student must be a Sgt (E-5) through GySgt (E-7) or equivalent rank.

* The student must have one year of obligated service remaining upon completion of the course.

* Qualified within the last 12 months on crew qualification table six.

* Certified as a Light Armored Vehicle Crew Evaluator, and instructor operator (I/O) within the last 12 months.  Upon arrival to the course the student must possess a certificate issued by the Battalion Master Gunner.

* The student must be physically qualified for full duty and able to participate in strenuous physical fitness events.  Upon arrival to the course, the Marine must be in compliance with Marine Corps height and weight standards.

* The student must be free of any administrative, legal, medical, dental, or personal problems that would hinder training.

* The student must arrive with a completed command screening checklist signed by Units Battalion Commanding Officer that certifies the Marine complies with all the course prerequisites.

* International Military Students (IMS) must meet the above criteria as well as additional requirements identified in the Program of Instruction.

* Students must possess a minimum GT score of 100.

* Students that do not meet the above course prerequisites may seek a waiver.  Waivers may be granted on a case-by-case basis by the Commanding Officer of LARTC who holds overall discretion for waiver authorization.

8 Weeks
40 Training Days

Week 1
* LAV-25 Weapon Systems - Provide the Marine with the knowledge and skills required on operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting weapons systems associated with the LAV-25 series vehicle.

Week 2
* LAV-25 Ammunition Capabilities -  Provides the Marine with the knowledge and skills required to develop Surface Danger Zones (SDZ's) and to safe a range.  The Marine will focus on ammunition capabilities/ballistics, establishing a Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) firing range, SDZ construction, safe-ing a range, and computer based SDZ systems.

Weeks 3 - 4
* Training Devices – Provides the Marine with the knowledge and skills required to supervise training devices that enhance LAV gunnery.

Weeks 4 - 6
* Training Development - Provides the Marine with knowledge and skills associated with train the trainer (T3) events that enable the Master Gunner to effectively plan and train section and platoon gunnery events.  The Marine receives instruction on risk management; unit training management; and the five phases of the Marine Corps Instructional Systems Design/Systems Approach to Training and Education.

Weeks 6 - 8
* LAV-25 Gunnery Training – Provides the Marine with the knowledge and skills required to develop, supervise, and evaluate a LAV gunnery training plan. The Marine receives information on developing a gunnery training plan, supervising gunnery evaluation, training LAV-25 Crew Evaluators, supervising skills test, supervising initial, intermediate, advanced, and sustainment gunnery.

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