Training Command
G-1 Administration

G-1 ensures that command manpower and administrative needs are met through managing, planning, coordinating, analyzing, and evaluating command administrative missions and operations.

Adjutant Section: 

The purpose of the Adjutant section is to provide higher and subordinate commands with administrative support which includes, but not limited to:

-Personal and unit award submissions

-Special Programs nominations

-Directive Control Point

-Endorse or approval of general correspondence

-Government Travel Charge Card

-Defense Travel System

-Meritorious Promotions

-Marine and NCO of the Quarter/Year

-Freedom of Information Act Request

-Congressional Inquiry Correspondence  

Civilian Manpower Section: 

The purpose of the Civilian Manpower section is to establish and maintain civilian manpower policy and procedures related to the development, coordination, implementation and administration of the Position Management Program for TRNGCMD’s civilian workforce.  This is accomplished by providing higher and subordinate commands with administrative support, guidance and oversight of civilian manpower-related programs, applications and databases which include, but are not limited to:

  • Civilian Manpower Policies
  • Civilian Structure Management
  • Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP)
  • Civilian Manpower Manning & Staffing
  • Civilian Manpower Requirements Review Board (CMRRB)
  • Civilian Table of Organization and Equipment Change Request (TOECR) Review
  • Civilian Position Description (PD) Management
  • Civilian Performance Management and Awards
  • Civilian Request for Personnel Actions (RPAs) 

Operations Section: 

The purpose of the Operations section is to provide military manpower support to higher and subordinate commands.  By accessing and validating resources and requirements this section establishes policies and procedures for manpower sourcing and structure changes.  The Operations section also acts as the authoritative consultant and troubleshooter at the HQ's level to accomplish special projects related to manpower and structural changes which include, but are not limited to:           

  • Table of Organization and Equipment (TO/E) Management
  • Table of Organization and Equipment Change Request (TOECR)
  • Mission Statements
  • Manpower Requirements
  • Outside Continental United States (OCONUS) Tracking
  • Inter-service Training Resource Office (ITRO) Support
  • Command Screening
  • Staffing
  • Reorganization Support 

Assistant Chief of Staff G-1   (703) 432-2173

Deputy    (703) 784-4441

Adjutant / UVAO  (703) 432-2182

Adjutant Chief  (703) 432-2177

Awards Clerk   (703) 784-6083

Correspondence Clerk (703) 432-2183

Directives Clerk (703) 432-3254

GTCC APC (703) 432-2626

DTS ODTA (703) 432-2231

Head, Civilian Manpower (703) 432-2625

Management Analysts (703) 432-2191/2235

CWDT/Awards Mgr.  (703) 432-2184

Operations Officer(703) 432-6239

Operations Chief (703) 432-2186

Training Command