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Training Command
Training Command Logo
G-6 Communications
The TRNG CMD G-6 serves as the primary advisor and coordinator for all Information Technology (IT) and Cyber Security in support of training and education in the Marine Corps. The G-6 oversees resourcing and operations of the TRNG CMD Command and Control communication systems, to include servers, desktop and laptop computers, video teleconferencing (VTC) and other general support video and data IT, in accordance with Tables of Organization and Equipment (TO/TE) for TRNG CMD Headquarters, MSCs, and staff elements. The G-6 disseminates and enforces IT directives and policies from Headquarters Marine Corps C4, DoN, and DoD.

AC/S G-6: 703-784-5797


Communications Chief: 703-784-5794


TECOM Cyber Security Branch Head: 703-784-5700

Enterprise Service Desk (ESD): (855) 373-8762


Training Command Webmaster: Vazquez Sgt Ramiro


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