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Ground Supply School
An interview-lead documentary showcasing the training of Marines at Ground Supply School aboard Camp Johnson, N.C. (U.S. Marine Corps video by Sgt. Brandon L. Ponyah)
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PSC BOX 20041

CAMP LEJEUNE, NC 28542-0041


Prior to reporting to Supply School, ensure you have a TD fitness report from your command. Upon completion of your TAD/TEMINS, you will receive a non-observed fitness report. It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of these reports, to include the MCC and description of your duty preferences. Your fitness report will include your HT/WT, and GPA. Class standing is noted on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed student. PRO/CON MARKS Students will receive Proficiency and Conduct marks upon graduation from Supply School. Career Level marines who are here longer than 30 days will also receive markings. Ground Supply Chiefs Course, Enlisted Supply Intermediate Course and Ground Supply Officers Course Information MINIMUM UNIFORM REQUIREMENTS MCCUU Color appropriate In accordance with ALMAR 007/08


Service "C" uniform (2 sets) Graduations will be in Service "C" for spring and Summer Months

Service "B" uniform (2 sets) Graduations will be in Service "B" for fall and Winter Months

PT Gear (green on green, sweats for the months of October through April) Gloves and Beenies for months of October through April ID tags Reflective PT belt **All weather coat mandatory for all basic students **All weather coat/ gortex optional for all career level.

First Sergeant Michael Kyle 1 years 84 days ago
r3 "I am just R3ing you." Engaged leadership at all levels as well as peer to peer accountability forms the foundation of our success. This program is designed to have Marines, sailors and civilians within the command recognize a minor discrepancy that when corrected may avoid subsequent or more serious discrepancies.



Telephone numbersDSN: 750-XXXX
Commercial: 910-450-XXXX

CO -1008
XO -1007
1stSgt -1000
Operations Officer -1005
Academics -1230
Ops Chief -0950
Registrar - 0873 / 0871
SDO/Barracks - 1967



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