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The mission of the MCCSSS Personnel Administration Center is to provide exceptional personnel administrative support to Commanders, Marines, Sailors, and family members by ensuring military personnel records and pay accounts are accurate and properly maintained.  This will therefore, ensure individuals are administratively prepared for worldwide deployment with the operating forces.

Contact Information


Personnel Officer
COM: 910-450-0702

COM: 910-450-1115

Personnel Chief
COM: 910-450-0752 

Admin Chief
COM: 910-450-1136

SRB Customer Service
COM: 910-450-1857
COM: 910-450-1408

Orders/Customer Service
COM: 910-450-1533
COM: 910-450-0760
COM: 910-450-1533

Quality Control
COM: 910-450-0707
COM: 910-450-1451

COM: 910-450-1121

COM: 910-450-1135
COM: 910-450-1122

Student Orders
COM: 910-450-1534

Student Orders/Diary
COM: 910-450-1126
COM: 910-450-1123
COM: 910-450-1532
COM: 910-450-1740
COM: 910-450-1128
COM: 910-450-1537

Career Level
COM: 910-450-0769
COM: 910-450-1450
COM: 910-450-075


S-4 Officer
COM: 910-450-0839

Facilities Chief
COM: 910-450-1038

Grounds Maintenance
COM: 910-450-0799

Logistics Chief
COM: 910-450-0096

TCPT Clerk
COM: 910-450-0973

Maintenance Management Chier (MMC)/GCSS-MC UUAM         
COM: 910-450-0710

Maintenance Management Clerk/GCSS-MC ALT UUAM              
COM: 910-450-0798

Motor Transport SNCOIC              
COM: 910-450-0986

Motor Transport Maintenance Chief              
COM: 910-450-0813

Motor Transport Platoon Sgt
COM: 910-450-1508

Safety Officer
COM: 910-450-0829

Safety NCOIC      
COM: 910-450-0066

COM: 910-456-7073

USN Chaplain Corps Vision

“Devoted to God and Country, we unite to deliver innovative, life transforming service throughout and beyond the Sea Services.”

Chaplain Corps Mission Statement

“Our mission is to develop personnel and families of operating forces and the Camp Lejeune community for spiritual and personal readiness, through ministries or pastoral care and the provision and facilitation for the free exercise of religion.”

MCCSSS/Camp Johnson Religious Ministry Team

COM: 910-450-0991/0090
DSN: 750-0991/0090 
Fax: 910-450-0866
DSN Fax: 750-0866

Who is the Chaplain?

The Chaplain is an ordained clergy person (minister, priest, rabbi or imam) who is on active duty to serve Marines, Sailors and their families by providing worship opportunities, counseling and ensuring spiritual needs are met.  The Chaplain is a Staff Officer to the Commanding Officer.

What does the Chaplain do?
  • Conducts worship and provide sacramental rites in his/her own religious tradition.

  • Facilitates religious opportunities for all faith groups.

  • Provides confidential counseling.

  • Conducts training on relative subjects.

  • Visits ill and wounded Marines and Sailors.

  • Provides community outreach opportunities.

  • Advises the Command on issues of morale and well-being.


Camp Johnson

  • Protestant Divine Service:  Sunday 0830

  • Eastern Orthodox Services:  Sunday 1000

  • Feast Day & Special Services as announced

  • Bible Study & Prayer: Tuesday 1830 Four Corners Recreation

Camp Lejeune

Click here for the Camp Lejeune Base Chapel Schedule

MCAS New River

  • Catholic Service:  Sunday 0900

  • Protestant Service: Sunday 1100

  • Gospel:  Sunday 1300



The mission of Combat Camera, Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools is to provide professional graphics, multimedia, photographic and videographic services and products in direct support of the formal education process.

Support Requests

A support request can be submitted in person at the customer service desk. Any questions about support requirements will be answered by our staff.

COM: 910-450-0701

MCCSSS Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
Lakisha Flynn
COM: 910-450-0586

24/7 Sexual Assault Support Line
COM: 910-750-5852

Sexual Assault Response Program Brochure PDF Download

Welcome Marines and Families of MCCSSS, 

My name is 1st Lt. Nicholas Palermo and I am the MCCSSS Family Readiness Officer. I will be your liaison to the command and can provide you with any help and information that you may need in order to meet the unique challenges of the military lifestyle. I will be your official communication link to the MCCSSS command. Communication is provided through phone calls, and emails.

I am also here to provide readiness and deployment support that will help equip you and your family with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to navigate the military maze. I am dedicated to assisting your family through this process. If you are in need of any resources or services such as childcare, spouse employment, financial support, educational resources or any of the other numerous organizations, please contact me.

Volunteers are the glue that holds our family readiness program together.  Being involved brings added benefits to our Marines and family members while building a positive, proactive community.  Everyone is encouraged to participate, even if only once in a while. This can include parents, grandparents, siblings, spouses, fiancées, children and significant others. We are in need of volunteers for creating newsletters, flyers, working events, recruiting, and community outreach. If you are interested, we would love to have you as an active member of our community.

I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you when the opportunity arises. Please ensure you maintain updated contact information so I can keep you informed. Please do not hesitate to stop by, call, or email me at any time with questions, or concerns. Let me know how I can help support you and your families.

1stLt Nicholas Palermo


Office: 910-450-1930


Marine and Family Programs

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Substance Abuse Program

New Parent Support Program

Marine and Family Behavioral Help

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