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Ductus Exemplo - Leadership by Example

All Candidates are required to meet Marine Corps standards. Candidates can also expect to be held accountable for their actions.

Fair Evaluation
The evaluation will be both mentally and physically challenging. Each candidate is provided every opportunity to prove their potential, because OCS wants candidates to succeed.

Every Candidate is treated with respect because each candidate has volunteered to come to OCS. The acceptance of the challenge to prove themselves as leaders is the first step in earning their commission as Second Lieutenants of Marines.

Exemplary Character
“Special Trust and Confidence"
Exudes the Corps Values
Physically/Mentally Tough
Thrives in Complex and Chaotic Environments
Offensive Mindset
Aggressiveness in Execution
Sound and Timely Decisions
Bias for Action
Inspires and Instills Confidence
Sets the Example for Others to Emulate

The Candidate evaluations breakdown as followed:

50% Leadership

The leadership grade is based on practical application events and staff observation. Evaluations are based on performance, communication skills, decision making, and leading subordinates. All of the leadership skills required for success are taught and assessed at OCS. The cumulative average for these assessments equal 50% of the candidate's overall grade.

25% Academics

The General Military Subjects taught to Officer Candidates provides basic information to include Marine Corps History, Tactics, Operations and Organization, Land Navigation and other military subjects. Officer Candidates are evaluated on this material through written exams and practical application.

25% Physical Fitness

The physical training program at OCS has been designed to teach, then test and evaluate, a very high level of physical fitness in a minimum amount of time. It is built on the principles which will test physical courage, will-power and determination, while preparing you for the rigors of future Marine Corps duty. The physical aspects of OCS are designed to test an individual's general strength and endurance under varying field and tactical conditions. You will find these aspects challenging and demanding.


The physical fitness programs and videos shown below on this page are designed to assist officer candidates with their physical preparation prior to their arrival at OCS.


OCS PT program

Below is a summary of the gear candidates are required to bring to report to Officer Candidate School. Each incoming candidate should carefully read and abide by the Officer Candidates School Candidate Pre-Ship Preparation and Requirements Letter for his/her particular course. All clothing, baggage, and personal items must be marked prior to reporting to OCS.

PLC Senior

Bring their complete initial uniform issue they received during PLC JR.


All non prior-service candidates will be issued and properly fitted for boots at Officer Candidates School.  Candidates are also encouraged to purchase USMC regulation boots prior to arrival at OCS in order to begin a break-in period (they may also bring this pair of boots with them, but they will still be issued boots).  Candidates are recommended to become accustomed to wearing boots prior to arrival.

USMC Boot Fit Guide

All Candidates
  • 2 collared shirts (1 worn)

  • 2 undershirt (1 worn)

  • 2 pairs of slacks, pressed, with belt (1 worn)

  • 1 pair of dress shoes (clean, worn)

  • 5 pairs of underwear

  • 5 sports bras (females)

  • 2 pairs of serviceable running shoes, preferably purchased within 3 months. See 'Fitness Preparation: Shoes' page for details.

  • 1 rugged, water-resistant watch

  • Cash or credit/debit for initial issues in the amount specified on the 60-day letter

  • Enough basic overnight toiletries for a week, such as razors, shaving cream, soap, deodorant, etc

  • 1 pair of eyeglasses as required. 2 are recommended.

Prior Enlisted / Active or Reserve Marine Candidates
  • 2 sets of Woodland MARPAT Combat Utilities

  • 2 set of Desert MARPAT Combat Utilities

  • 2 pairs of seasonal boots

  • 1 Woodland Digital Cover

  • 1 Desert Digital Cover

  • 1 Woodland Digital Boonie Cover

  • 1 Sea Bag

  • 2 Web Belts

  • 2 belt buckles

  • 1 green USMC sweatshirt

  • 1 green USMC sweatpants

  • 2 pairs of green PT shorts

  • 6 green t-shirts (no unit logos)

  • 6 white drawers

  • 6 pairs of boot socks

Upon arrival, two additional pairs of Woodland MARPAT Combat Utilities will be issued at no cost to candidates who are prior enlisted Marines still considered on active or reserve status, or IRR Marines less than 90 days past their EAS.  Prior enlisted Marines will not receive a new issue of boots. These candidates will purchase (credit/debit card, cash, NAVMC 604 form) all items that are not brought in order to complete the total purchase.


OCS PT Program

OCS PT Program


OCS Intro

OCS Intro


Upper Repetition Max

Upper Repetition Max


Lower Repetition Max

Lower Repetition Max


OCS Flexibility

OCS Flexibility





OCS Run Tech

OCS Run Tech


O Course Primary

O Course Primary


O Course Secondary

O Course Secondary