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All Marine Corps personnel reporting to Marine Corps Base (MCB) Quantico during normal working hours will report in to the Installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC) located on the second deck of Building 2006, Hawkins Avenue, (Headquarters & Service Battalion Building). The IPAC phone number is (703) 784-4466. Upon reporting in, IPAC will provide initial administrative check-in assistance including OQR/SRB updates, original orders endorsements, travel claims, unit diary and assignment to the Welcome Aboard Briefing. After completing IPAC check-in, personnel should report to Officer Candidates School (OCS) for issuance of their check-in sheets and further in-processing. See the OCS Welcome Aboard package for more information.

All personnel reporting in after normal working hours will check in with the Area Officer of the Day, located at Headquarters & Service Battalion, Bldg. 2006, for administrative and temporary billeting assistance. On the first work day after arriving, personnel will report to IPAC for check-in processing. The Command Duty Officer phone number is (703) 784-2707/4096. Officers and Staff NCOs requiring bachelor housing will report to the Bachelor Housing Office in Liversedge Hall for assignment.

Immediately upon check-in, permanent personnel will be required to submit a system authorization access request (SAAR; DD Form 2875, (Sept 2017) in order to establish or migrate network and email accounts. SAAR submission requires the following MarineNet course:

  • CYBERM0000 USMC Cyber Awareness

    • The USMC Cyber Awareness course includes two sub-courses: 

      • DODIA10000 DOD Information Assurance Awareness

      • PII0090000 USMC Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Lastly, all SNCOs and Officers must complete Use of Force Training (ILEUOF001A) on MarineNet prior to arriving in order to fulfill duty-stander requirements.

The purpose of the trails aboard OCS is to support officer candidate training. All personnel seeking access to OCS will report to Wilson Hall, Building 2189N, to sign-in as a visitor with the Officer of the Day (OOD). During candidate training, no external organizations are authorized access to OCS unless approved by the Commanding Officer. Appropriate physical training (PT) attire must be worn when conducting PT aboard OCS. Additionally, if the trails are wet, or in poor condition, trails will be closed to all traffic.

Please help us to maintain a safe and effective training environment aboard OCS.

Contact Information

COM: 703-784-2565

Trail Closed Between

04 January - 15 March 

1 May - 16 August 

1 September - 15 November 

Hunting and Fishing in Training Areas

OCS reserves the right to open and close these training areas during the candidate training cycle to ensure a safe training area is provided for our officer candidates, staff, and other members aboard the base. Closures are published to the Quantico Game Warden each week. Call 703-784-5383/5810 for details.

Officer Candidates School Chaplain

Chaplain Paul Garcia - Official Biography


Navy Chaplains have the incredible opportunity to serve alongside United States Marines. The ultimate responsibility of a Chaplain is to ensure each person’s constitutional right to the free exercise of religion. The Chaplain Corps does this through its’ four core functions: providing for the Chaplain’s own faith tradition; facilitating for others; caring for all – whether religious or not; and advising the command on issues pertaining to religion, ethics, and morale.

Perhaps the greatest tool the Chaplain brings to the table is 100% CONFIDENTIALITY. That means that WHATEVER is told to a military chaplain in their role as spiritual advisor by an authorized user, as an act of religion or matter of conscience, cannot be shared. This is a great responsibility, and one that your Chaplain does not take lightly.


Started in 1971, the mission of CREDO (Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operation) is to strengthen spiritual well-being and individual resilience through workshops and retreats for Department of the Navy service members, civilians, and families. Navy District Washington (NDW) offers two types of CREDO Retreats: Marriage Enrichment Retreats and Personal Resiliency Retreats. All retreats are free to attend, and do not provide childcare.

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Officer

Captain Hannah Montague

Other Resources

MCB Quantico 24/7 Support Line
COM: 703-432-9999

DoD Safe Helpline
COM: 877-995-5247

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Marine Corps Base Quantico SAPR

SAPR Brochure

OCS Uniformed Readiness Coordinator (URC)

Captain Raymundo Hernandez

Contact Information

Email the URC


The URC is the face of the Commander's Unit, Personnel, and Family Readiness Program (UPFRP).  The URC is responsible for managing the four pillars of a UPFRP. 

Official Communication

Communication from or on behalf of the commander through many methods:  newsletter, website, mass communication tool, family readiness events and email.

Information and Referral

Proactive marketing and promotion of the programs, agencies, and organizations available to Marines and families.

Readiness and Deployment Support

The ability of the individual Marine and his family to successfully balance the challenges of a military lifestyle, family, career, and mission events.

Volunteer Management

Standardized program developed to provide a formal model to manage unit volunteers.  Volunteer Tracking Tool is used to announce volunteer opportunities and track volunteer hours.