"Virtutis Disciplina - Training Excellence"
Marine Corps Detachment, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri


Produce the required number of basic and advanced qualified warriors instilled with the key mission command tenets of integrity, decisiveness, and sound judgement, who possess an aggressive bias for action; in order to sustain the Marine Corps with unparalleled law enforcement specialist who are physically, mentally, and spiritually fit for combat.

INIWIC provides superior NL weapons training IOT prepare and certify Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and other DoD personnel to serve as trainers and unit advisors with respect to the tactical employment of individual NL weapons.

To provide entry-level pipeline and lateral move Marines the knowledge and skills to become disciplined, motivated, and capable of performing the duties and responsibilities of MOS 5811, Military Police.

To train students with the skills necessary to function in the Operating Force and Supporting Establishment during peacetime and time of conflict. The students will receive instruction and practical application in the following areas related to the missions of the Military Police: Law Enforcement Operations, Law and Order Operations, Detainee / Corrections Operations, Law Enforcement Support, to Mission Assurance Operations.

Provide company-grade Marine Officers with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the duties and responsibilities of a Military Police Officer: MOS - 5803

This course is designed to provide students with the training required to function as a Military police Officer in the Operating Forces and Supporting Establishment. Students will receive instruction and practical application in the following areas: Mission Assurance, Military Working Dogs (MWD), Limited Detainee Operations (LDO), Law and Order Operations, and Military Police Planning and Training. This training will provide these officers with the required skills to support each respective element in the MAGTF.


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COM: (573) 336-0111

Military Police School
1704 Michigan Ave
Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473-8963

Command Duty Officer (CDO)
COM: (573) 337-9628 or (573) 596-0131

S-1 Customer Service
COM: (573) 596-8168

Unit Readiness Coordinator
COM: (573) 596-8165

Sexual Assault Responder Coordinator (SARC):
COM: (573) 596-0186 or (573) 337-9632

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COM: (573) 596-0356/0590

COM: (573) 596-6010 or (573) 337-3542

COM: (573) 596-2163

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COM: (573) 596-6747

CO GySgt:
COM: (573) 596-2163

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Marines in the Military Police Basic Course conduct scenario-based training to develop their ability to successfully and safely execute a felony traffic stop.
Marines in the Military Police Basic Course train on their M18 service pistol to ensure they can properly employ it in the line of duty.
Marines in the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) Special Agent Course execute scenario-based training pertaining to high-profile criminal investigations.
Marines conduct training with Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) spray, giving them the tools to employ on duty and overcome the effects should they come in contact on scene.
Marines with the Corrections and Detention course train to have the skills required to operate a correctional or detention facility. Here they are conducting a culminating training evolution, quelling a prison riot.

Military Police Instruction Company

Maj Jacob A. Rittenhouse
Commanding Officer, Military Police Instruction Company

Jacob Rittenhouse was born in Englewood, Colorado and moved to Spokane, Washington at the age of 1.

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1stSgt Dale T. Elbert Jr
Company 1stSgt, Military Police Instruction Company

Dale Elbert was born in Saint Louis, Missouri and moved to Washington, Missouri at the age of 1. He

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