All Marine Corps Permanent Personnel (PCS/PCA) reporting to MCCES (K18) during normal working hours will check-in with the New Joins office of the Personnel Administration Center (IPAC) located in Building 1865, Room 138 on Griffin Street.
Comm: (760) 830-6173
All PCS/PCA reporting after normal working hours will check in with the Officer of the Day, located in Barracks 1664 for administrative and billeting assistance.
Comm: (760) 830-6157

Marines requiring Temporary Family Quarters will report to the Sleepy Tortoise Lodge in Building 690.
Comm: (760) 830-6583

Officers and Staff NCO's requiring bachelor housing will report to the Bachelor Billeting Division in Building 1565.
Comm: (760) 830-6642 / 5583
DSN: 230-6642 / 5583

All personnel must obtain a statement of non-availability prior to obtaining a hotel off the Combat center.

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