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The mission of the Unit Family Readiness Program at MCCES is to assist the Marines and their families to build a strong and resilient family structure prepared to meet the unique challenges of military service. This will be accomplished through education, mentorship, and networking, with the overall goal of providing stable families prepared for service anywhere in the operational forces.

Our goal is to provide your Marines (Students and Permanent Personnel) along with you, the spouse and family members with valuable information to build a strong bound between the MCCES command and its family members.

Our MCCES Family Readiness Officer's is located in Building 1865,. Please feel free to stop in or call (760) 830-6187 or (760) 830-8383 for the latest information on family readiness issues. Schedule your Family Readiness Volunteer Training by calling the Family Readiness Support Program manager at (760) 830-4163.

Family Readiness Volunteer Training is offered during the day and evening. Call for the upcoming class schedule or contact your Family Readiness Officer for class dates.

What is the Family Readiness Program?  
        •  Serves as a communication link between the MCCES command and it's families.  
        •  Assists in developing and maintaining a sense of community within MCCES. 
        •  Is the official source of information and referral for MCCES.

The Family Readiness Program is the Commanders program with the focus of keeping our families informed and prepared for the challenges of the military lifestyle.

Areas in which the Unit Family Readiness Program is active:  
        •  Welcoming incoming families and service members.  
        •  Providing accurate and timely official communication to MCCES families from the Command.  
        •  Provide accurate information and referrals as needed.  
        •  Coordinates training and recruitment of volunteers for service with the Family Readiness Program. 
       • The Family Readiness Program will serve the MCCES family in all aspects as directed by the Commanding Officer.

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