Marine Corps Communication-Electronics School
Training Command
Twentynine Palms, California

To train Marines in ground electronics maintenance, tactical communications, and air control/anti-air warfare operations and maintenance in order to ensure that Marine commanders at all levels have the ability to exercise command and control across the full range of military operations.

Mailing Address
Commanding Officer
Marine Corps Communications Electronics School
Training Command
P.O. Box 788251
Twentynine Palms, CA 92278-8251

MCCES Officer of the Day
(760) 830-6157

Sexual Assault Prevention & Response
(760) 830-3729

Uniform Victims Advocate
(760) 401-6292

Family Readiness Officer
(760) 830-8383

Safety Officer
(760) 830-6026

Equal Opportunity Representative
(760) 830-4467

Chaplain/Family Readiness Officer
(760) 830-6187


Marine Corps Communication-Electronics School (MCCES) began as the Pigeon and Flag Handler Platoon in 1932.  On October 5, 1942, it was activated as the Signal School under the Signal Battalion in Quantico, VA.  In 1943 the school moved to Camp LejeuneNorth Carolina, remaining there until the end of WWII offering 15 courses in the communications field.  In August 1946 the school relocated to Camp Del Mar on Camp PendletonCA.  In December 1949 the Signal School was re-designated as Signal and Tracked Vehicle School Battalion.  In 1950, coinciding with the Korean War, the school moved to Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, CA and renamed to Signal School Battalion.  During this time, the school added technician and repairmen training and in 1953, the school was re-designated to Communication-Electronics School Battalion.

Modern Day                  

In 1963 the school began its relocation to Marine Corps Base, California with the move of Companies C and E.  In February 1971 the school was re-designated to its current title of Marine Corps Communication-Electronics School.   During this time an officer training course was developed for air defense officers with the school training over 5000 Marines annually.  In 1975 Company B relocated from Camp Pendleton, completing the move of the school and establishing the largest formal school in the Marine Corps.  In 2002 the Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) re-designation of data systems marines from the 40 occupational fields into the 06 occupational field was completed.  In 2003 Company D merged into Company B and was dissolved.  In 2005 the average student population was 1,240 with the school conducting 44 separate courses and producing 37 MOS's.  303 classes are scheduled annually varying from 2 to 54 weeks in duration.  This represents upwards of 25,000 academic days per year with MCCES graduating nearly 6,500 personnel annually.  MCCES has played a vital role in the Marine Corps' combat readiness, recognized as such in the form of unit awards which include; the American Campaign Streamer, World War II Victory Streamer, National Defense Service Streamer with three Bronze Stars, Meritorious Unit Commendation with three Bronze Stars, and the Global War on Terrorism Service Streamer.  In 2006 MCCES consisted of a Headquarters Company and three training companies / schools which were: Company A (Communication-Electronics Maintenance School), Company B (Tactical Communications Training School), Company C (Air School).  The on board average student population was 1042.  The school conducted 56 separate courses which produced 35 MOS's, 51 of these courses were conducted at the Formal Learning Center and 5 by Mobile Training Teams.  In 2011 MCCES absorbed the Communication School, MCB, Quantico, Virginia, Marine Detachment Fort Gordon, Georgia, Low Altitude Air Defense School, Fort Bliss, Texas and Marine Corps Representative, Sheppard AFB, Texas.  MCCES continues to carry out its primary mission to train personnel in the fields of operational communications, communication-electronics maintenance, and air control / anti-air warfare operations.  In 2013 Air Control Training Squadron (ACTS) was activated under MCCES.  The former Company C was re-designated as Detachment Bravo and the former Company A was designated as Detachment Alpha under the ACTS, reportable to the Commanding Officer, MCCES.  In 2014 the Communication School moved from Quantico, Virginia to Twenty-nine Palms, California.  In accordance with Marine Corps Bulletin 5400 18 December 2014 Marine Corps Communication-Electronics School reorganized into a Command Element, a Headquarters Company, an Air Control Training Squadron and a Communication Training Battalion.

A unit citation or commendation is an award bestowed upon an organization for the action cited. Members of the unit who participated in said actions are allowed to wear on their uniforms the awarded unit citation. The unit is authorized to fly the appropriate streamer on its organizational flag. The Marine Corps Communications-Electronics School has been presented with the following awards:

All Marine Corps Permanent Personnel (PCS/PCA) reporting to MCCES (K18) during normal working hours will check-in with the New Joins office of the Personnel Administration Center (IPAC) located in Building 1865, Room 138 on Griffin Street.
Comm: (760) 830-6173

All PCS/PCA reporting after normal working hours will check in with the Officer of the Day, located in Barracks 1664 for administrative and billeting assistance.
COM: (760) 830-6157

Marines requiring Temporary Family Quarters will report to the Sleepy Tortoise Lodge in Building 690.
COM: (760) 830-6583

Officers and Staff NCO's requiring bachelor housing will report to the Bachelor Billeting Division in Building 1565.
COM: (760) 830-6642 / 5583
DSN: 230-6642 / 5583

All personnel must obtain a statement of non-availability prior to obtaining a hotel off the Combat center.

To assist the Command in creating and maintaining an efficient, economical and effective civilian workforce to support the mission of MCCES.

COM: (760) 830-6533
Location: Building 1865, Room 108

For questions or assistance please feel free to stop in or call at the phone number provided above.

Your CPC office provides command support for:
        •  Personnel Actions
        •  Processing Coordination of Civilian processes
        •  Advisory services
        •  Labor/Employee relations
        •  Career Development
        •  Counseling Information dissemination
        •  Pay/Leave Administration
        •  Benefits Information
        •  Employee and Supervisor Orientations

InfoLine Links

Benefeds Enrollments System – Vision – Dental
Dept Navy Human Resources (DONHR)
MCAGCC Human Resources 
Employee Benefits Information Sys (EBIS)
Federal Insurance Programs
Federal Long Term Care Enrollment Sys
Federal Savings Account Enrollment Sys
My Biz Workplace
Thrift Savings Plan
My Pay 
Retirement Information
Federal Holiday Listing

Helpful Links

Pay Tables
USMC Career Community Site
Work Number Employment Verification Service
Government & On-Line Learning Center
Naval Hospital MCAGCC 29 Palms
Traffic Management Office (TMO) 29 Palms
PMO Vehicle & Registration Office
Relocation Assistance Program
School Liaison 29 Palms
Bachelor Billeting Division

If you are a New MCCES Student arriving at the airport you are authorized to change over and travel in proper civilian attire from the Airport to MCCES. If you arrive at the airport during normal working hours (M-F) call MCCES Admin at (760) 830-5992 or if you arrive after normal business day or during the weekend/holiday call the Officer of the Day (OOD) at (760) 830-6157.

NOTE: You must ensure you maintain your service uniforms during your travel and you are "inspection ready" upon arrival.

All student personnel reporting in during normal working hours will check in with the Student Reception Center (SRC) located in Building 1766.
COM: (760) 830-4782.

All personnel reporting after normal working hours will check in with the Officer of the Day, located in Barracks 1664 for administrative and billeting assistance.
COM: (760) 830-6157

Marines requiring Temporary Family Quarters will report to the Sleepy Tortoise Lodge in Building 690.
COM: (760) 830-6583

Officers and Staff NCO's requiring bachelor housing will report to the Bachelor Billeting Division in Building 1565.
COM: (760) 830-6642 / 5583
DSN: 230-6642 / 5583

All personnel must obtain a statement of non-availability prior to obtaining a hotel off the Combat center.


If I have a family emergency, and cannot reach my Marine, who should I contact at MCCES to reach them?
Contact the MCCES  Duty Officer at (760) 830-6157. Have your son/daughter's name and what class he/she is attending information ready. S1 Contacts: 760-830-5992/6468/8786/6521

Where could I stay if I come to visit?
You will need to make reservations either on board the base at the Sleepy Tortoise Lodge (760) 830-6583 or you can stay off base at one of the local hotels (10 mins to the base).

Will my Marine be deployed while they are at MCCES?
Depends on a few factors: 1) If your Marine is a student arriving to MCCES to achieve his/her MOS he/she will not deploy because they are under "student status." 2) If your Marine is part of the permanent personnel to support MCCES he/she will most likely not deploy, but can still receive special orders based on the needs of the Corps. Normally the support staff are non-deployable because MCCES is a formal school and not a deployable unit.

How long is each school?
Each school in MCCES can last as long as a month, several months and up to a year. This depends on your Marines job (MOS).  He/she may be placed in a schedule where he/she will graduate from their basic course and will continue to additional courses which can make the length of training at MCCES extend to as long as a year.
Where is base telephone directory located on this site?
A link to the base telephone directory has been provided and is located under "Miscellaneous Links" on the main page of this site.


I am preparing to attend my Marines graduation; do you have a map of the MCCES campus and building number so I can attend?
Yes,both the MCCES Campus Map and a base map image are provided as a seperate links below. If you get lost we have a list of numbers for you to call as well.

What exactly is it that my son/daughter will be doing while attending school at MCCES?
Your Marine will be entering a phase in their career  where they are required to learn technical skill at MCCES in order to achieve their MOS. They are required to study and pass a number of graded tests to graduate. It is similar to entering a technical college and upon graduating  will be reassigned to a Marine Unit.

If I want to attend my son/daughter’s graduation, how can I gain access to the base?
A temporary visitor pass may be issued to the person driving the motor vehicle.  Proof of Insurance, Registration and Valid Driver's License are required.  Passes are issued at the Provost's Marshall's Office (PMO) adjacent to the base main gate on Adobe Road.  This pass shall be displayed in the lower left corner of the windshield at all times while aboard the base.

While on base, are there any special rules I need to observe while visiting?
Visitors if driving must obey all clearly posted speed limits, do no enter restricted areas which are also properly identified. If you have questions regarding a particular rule or regulation simply ask any Marine and they will be glad to assist in providing and appropriate answer to address your concern.

Who is allowed to attend graduations? Is there anybody who would be excluded from attending?
Any person who is authorized access to the base from PMO may attend.

What if I have an emergency where I absolutely have to contact my Marine? Is contacting the Red Cross absolutely necessary?
The American Red Cross 24-hour emergency contact number is 1-877-272-7337

Would they be able to take other classes through an outside college/university while at MCCES?
Because your Marine is under the "student status" he/she will be too busy studying for their MOS and we do not want to distract your Marine from studying for exams in order to achieve their official MOS. Taking additional college courses is to risky, but as soon as your Marine graduates and is attached to a permanent duty station, he/she will have more then enough time to take a college classes.

What type of activities are there afterhours? Marine Corps based? Public based?
Once your Marine is secured for the day (meaning class has been dismissed for the day) and he/she has completed their study time, the Marines aboard the combat center can be involved with many special events scheduled through the base (a list of events can be found under MCCS under the helpful link page). Depending on the season there are local events off base as well.

Can we communicate with our Marine by phone, text, or social media while they are at school?
Yes, of course we encourage our Marines to keep in contact with their families. Of course, while your Marine is in class common sense will prevail so texting or use of phone during class is discouraged. Anytime outside of class time your Marine has every opportunity to communicate with you via social media or cell phone.

How long after schooling will they be assigned to a PCS or deployment?
Prior to your Marine's graduation he/she will know where they will be stationed (PCS). Depending on the needs of the Corps it can be somewhere on the coastal regions (West coast or East coast) to overseas. Depending on the unit your Marine is attached to will determine if he/she will deploy.


Is there a listing of frequently used military acronyms?
Yes; they can be located at:


I just arrived at the airport, how do I get to MCCES?
Upon arrival call MCCES Admin (760) 830-5992 or OOD (760) 830-6157 so we can pick you up from the airport to MCCES (approx 1 +/- hr drive).

Do I need to wear my service uniform Alphas when I travel from the airport to MCCES?
As a MCCES Student you are authorized to change over to proper civilian attire.  Only MCCES Students are authorized to travel and report in civilian attire! Maintain your service uniform “inspection ready!“

Base Maps

29 Palms Base Map.pdf
MCCES Map.jpg



Providing confidential care and facilitating for the free exercise of religion to students and permanent personnel at MCCES regardless of one's beliefs.  
MCCES Chaplain
COM: (760) 830-6187
Location: Building 1651 (7th St. and Griffin Rd.)
Chaplain's Facebook Page:

Religious Ministries
Village Center, Building 1551
COM: (760) 830-6304

Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel
Catholic, Building 1542
COM: (760) 830-6456 / 6646

Christ Chapel
Protestant, Building 1541
COM: (760) 830-6464 / 6802

Family Readiness

The mission of the Unit Family Readiness Program at MCCES is to assist the Marines and their families to build a strong and resilient family structure prepared to meet the unique challenges of military service. This will be accomplished through education, mentorship, and networking, with the overall goal of providing stable families prepared for service anywhere in the operational forces.

Our goal is to provide your Marines (Students and Permanent Personnel) along with you, the spouse and family members with valuable information to build a strong bound between the MCCES command and its family members.

Our MCCES Family Readiness Officer's is located in Building 1865, Please feel free to stop in or call (760) 830-6187 or (760) 830-8383 for the latest information on family readiness issues. Schedule your Family Readiness Volunteer Training by calling the Family Readiness Support Program manager at (760) 830-4163.

Family Readiness Volunteer Training is offered during the day and evening. Call for the upcoming class schedule or contact your Family Readiness Officer for class dates.

What is the Family Readiness Program?  
- Serves as a communication link between the MCCES command and it's families.  
- Assists in developing and maintaining a sense of community within MCCES. 
- Is the official source of information and referral for MCCES.

The Family Readiness Program is the Commanders program with the focus of keeping our families informed and prepared for the challenges of the military lifestyle.

Areas in which the Unit Family Readiness Program is active:  
- Welcoming incoming families and service members.  
- Providing accurate and timely official communication to MCCES families from the Command.  
- Provide accurate information and referrals as needed.  
- Coordinates training and recruitment of volunteers for service with the Family Readiness Program. 
- The Family Readiness Program will serve the MCCES family in all aspects as directed by the Commanding Officer.

Sexual Assault Prevention & Response

Mission: The Department of Defense Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office (SAPRO) promotes military readiness by eliminating sexual assault and ensuring excellence in victim advocacy and prevention efforts through the execution of SAPR policy, planning, and oversight across the DoD Community.

Reporting Options Restricted Report

This enables someone to receive support services without triggering an official investigation. The following individuals have confidentiality, and they are ready to help:

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC)
SAPR Victim Advocate
Healthcare Provider
Victims’ Legal Counsel*
*The Chaplain and VLC are not able to take a report, but they are able to assist in a confidential manner

When a restricted report is made, medical care, advocacy and counseling services are available without notifying command or law enforcement officials. The SARC will notify the Commanding Officer of the Installation that an assault occurred without providing identifying information about the victim. A Marine who elects to make a restricted report can always change to an unrestricted report. There are some exceptions to the Restricted Report so please contact one of the resources above to get more information

Reporting Option Unrestricted Report

This allows the same support however an official investigation will be conducted by NCIS and the Command will be notified as well. 

The following individuals can assist in an Unrestricted Report

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC)
SAPR Victim Advocate
Healthcare Provider
Victims’ Legal Counsel
Chain of Command
Law Enforcement

Details of the incident will only be shared with personnel who have a legitimate need to know. This option allows the victim to request a Military Protective Order, Civilian Protective Order, or an Expedited Transfer and enables the Marine Corps to potentially hold the offender accountable.


COM: 760-401-6292
MCCES SAPR Coordinator: (760) 830-3729 
MCAGCC SAPR Coordinator: (760) 799-0273
MCCES Uniform Victims Advocate Cell Phone: (760) 401-6292
DoD Safe Helpline: (877) 995-5247

Accessing TechNet (CAC Required)

If you have never had a TechNet account, you first need to request a MCEITS account by clicking on the following link and following the instructions provided.

It is important that you select “TECHNET” from the SharePoint Site drop down menu otherwise you may not gain access to the site.

The TechNet administrators will be notified of your request and will have to approve your request to enable your account. Account creation may take a couple of days due to the manual approval requirements.

You will receive an email from a TechNet Administrator once your account has been created.

If you are experiencing problems with your existing account or you have recently received a new CAC you may need to have your account updated to access the site.

To update your account, send an email to the MCEITS Helpdesk requesting that your account be CAC enabled.
You must include your EDIPI (DOD ID number on the back of your CAC) in the email.

You will receive a confirmation email once the service desk has completed your request.


Troubleshooting with NIDA

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Radar Repair

A U.S. Marine assigned to the AN/TPS-59(v)3 Radar Repair Course, Marine Corps Communications-Electronics School, set up a AN/TPS-59(v)3 long range...


Laser Tag Event

A U.S. Marine Corps student with Marine Corps Communications Electronics School engages his opponents during a laser tag event hosted by the...

Marine Corps Communications Electronics School

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