All Students attending the NCO Mechanics, Equipment Chiefs, and Engineer Officers Course need validate that they are able access to the LOGCOM Share Point pubs site in order to access publications for practical exercises associated with the curriculum.  In addition to this students registered for Engineer Equipment Officers, Engineer Equipment Chiefs, and Engineer Equipment Mechanic NCO Courses must have a security investigation initiated and have on hand at TD1 a certificate of completion for the DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge (MCI Course DODCAD 1000) in order to gain access to the local network.  If a security investigation has not been at a minimum initiated, the student will be subject to disenrollment from the course.

 Technical Publications Site 


Students authorized to travel by commercial air will arrive and depart from one of three airports in the area, listed in order of preference:  1. Ft Leonard Wood / Waynesville Reginal (TBN) located on-base. Recommended for Marines who are not authorized rental cars from their parent commands. On-post taxi service (573)336-0111  2. Lambert / St Louis international (STL) approximately 120 miles east of Fort Leonard Wood on I-44.  3. Springfield-Branson (KSGF) located approximately 80 miles west of Fort Leonard Wood on I-44.There are no bus services between KSGF and FLW.  4. Students departing the course by commercial air should not schedule return flights prior to 1500 on the day of graduation and no later than 24 hours after course graduation.  Please plan accordingly. 

From St Louis airport to FLW 
Marines are instructed to go to the USO located next to baggage claim 6 where a representative will give directions to the Greyhound bus port. Greyhound has daily departures to FLW at 0905 to 1840. Seats are first-come and it is recommended that Marines secure reservations. The Greyhound bus will not come on-base and will stop in St Robert, Missouri. The Marines will have to contact the Post Cab Company at (573)336-0111 to get on-base to their final destination.  USA Express Airport Shuttle also provides a bus service to FLW and have daily departures from 0900 to 2200 in 2 hour intervals.Tickets must be reserved 48 hours in advance; reservation number is (800)872-9399. 

Rental Cars and POV's 
Due to the geographic separation between on/off-post hotels and course classrooms, unit funded rental vehicles for advance students are highly recommended.  POV's for advanced students are authorized. 

-All students arriving to Ft Leonard Wood after hours must report to the CDO at Bldg. 1770 in the Specker area NLT 2359 on the report date.  Students arriving during working hours must report to the EEIC HQ Bldg. 1706E on East 8th Street. 
-ALL Marines will check in wearing the Service “A” uniform.
-All reservists must be joined to active duty by their units prior to reporting to Ft Leonard Wood.  All Students should have temp SRB, medical and dental records in hand. These will be maintained by the Marine. 

Fort Leonard Wood Map

-All advanced courses are TECOM/MARFORES approved and funded. It is the parent commands and individual Marines responsibility to ensure proper funding is secured and that Marines arrive to FLW on fully funded TAD orders. Any misuse of government credit cards will be dealt with strictly. 
-The detachments S-1 can facilitate administrative assistance, however due to DTS's hierarchy restrictions they are not authorized to make changes to travel entitlements. 
-TECOM will establish partial payments for all courses over thirty days in length. Marines should be prepared for delays in funding settlements for courses that cross fiscal years. 
-No dispersing facilities are available at Ft Leonard Wood. Students will have access to ATMs, civilian banks and check cashing services. 

-Parent commands need to ensure that appropriate MOL entries are made that will enable Marine Detachment FLW to join their Marines on our morning reports. 
-Pro/Con submissions and TD fitness reports need to be completed for all courses over 30 days in length. 
-Each student will be required to weigh in upon arrival and at the end of the course. If the student is outside of the prescribed standard for height and weight, an immediate determination will be made to continue his/her enrollment and / or receive negative conduct marks or an adverse fitness report.  Discipline problems are dealt with swiftly, most issues will result in immediate disenrollment at a minimum.  Top academic achievers and class motivators can receive certificates of recognition and commendatory fitness reports.


-Due to the changes in TECOM policy, students must make lodging reservations within DTS.  There is a hotel that has been established on the post.  If room is not available for the duration of the course it will direct the student to select a approved off post hotel to secure lodging.    
-The Marine Detachment FLW S1 will no longer provide students with statements of non-availability.


-Fort Leonard Wood has two dining facilities where meals can be purchased at the standard government rate.  1- Indiana Avenue Building 6111  2- Michigan Avenue Building 1784 
-Hours of Operation  0530-0800  1100-1300  1630-1900 

-DTS orders

-Temp Service Record Book ( if electronic conversion not made)

-Temp Medical and Dental Records

-Season appropriate PT gear and reflective belt. 

-GORTEX top and bottom, coyote brown watch cap and black gloves (limited quantities are available for temp issue at FLW

-CAC enabled ID card 

-OF 346 operator's license 

-Service "A" uniform 

-Woodland or Desert MARPAT Utility Uniforms (depending on the seasonal uniform change)

-Service "C" or Service "B" uniform (depending on the seasonal uniform change) 

-Marine Corps Ball attire...Marines attending courses in early November will be invited to the FLW Ball. This is a quality event and Marines are encouraged to attend, plan accordingly. 

-Appropriate civilian attire 

-Prescription glasses 

-Command screening checklists are the responsibility of the parent command to screen their Marines and not required by EEIC 

-Questions should be directed to: 
 Command Duty Officer (573) 596-0131 ext 64177 
 EEIC Academics Chief (573) 596-0131 ext 60718


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