Camp Lejeune – Program Manager (910) 451-3307
Camp Lejeune - Safety Deputy Director (910) 451-7454

MCB Camp Lejeune will be providing the subject course for FY 117 GSM Schedule at the following locations and dates:


20-31 March 2017

8-19 May 2017

10-21 July 2017


16-27  October 2017

4-15 December 2017


Contact via phone the Camp Lejeune GSM Program Manager, for email address, then email the following information for registration:

1. Name/Rank

2. Last 4 of SSN

3. Billet Assigned (must be in writing)

4. Location (Command)

5. Contact Info (Address, Phone, Email)

6. Rotation Date (must have at least 1 year left in billet from time of Class completion)

A naval message will be released to announce the convening of each course, call for nominations, and to provide further guidance specific to the installation hosting the course, e.g., building and classroom number, directions, times, etc.

For each of the courses, no matter the location, the following guidance is provided:

a. Only personnel who are appointed in writing as a safety officer or in a collateral duty safety billet, an E-4 or above, and have a minimum of one (1) year left of obligated service in a safety billet upon graduation will be permitted to attend this training.

b. Due to the volume of homework required for this course, personnel attending should not be assigned additional duties during this period of time.

c. Listed command safety offices will be requested to provide information via electronic means or fax to the POC NLT 20 calendar days before the date of course commencement. Information will contain the following: priority, rank, name, unit, rotation date and billet title. Commands may also submit names for a standby list in the same manner simultaneously.

d. Selected students must bring an appointment letter and one three-inch binder on the first day of training. Students will also need to have impact resistant goggles and steel-toed boots available, as they will be visiting an industrial work site on one of the days.

e. Military uniform of the day will be utilities. Civilian attire will be civilian casual.