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Training Command Safety

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Quantico, VA
Ground Safety For Marines (GSM)  Purpose. To provide Occupational Safety and Health training to military and civilian personnel assigned to full-time or collateral duties in ground safety. Successful course completion will qualify military personnel for the secondary MOS of 8012, Ground Safety Specialist. The course content includes OSH background; Marine Corps and OSH Standards (29 CFR 1910); personal protective equipment; hazardous materials; industrial hygiene programs; recreation and off-duty safety; workplace hazard recognition; safety assessments; risk management; mishap investigation and reporting procedures; and motor vehicle and traffic safety programs

GSM Model Manager(703) 432-2227 DSN:378

GSM Assistant: (703) 432-1376

DSN 378

The following Information must be emailed to the Schoolhouse Program Manager for registration:  

  • Name/Rank
  • Last 4 SSN
  • Billet assigned (Must be in writing) 
  • Location (Command)
  • Contact Info (Address, Phone, Email)
  • Rotation Date (Must have at least 1 year left in billet from class completion)          

There are 6 GSM Schoolhouses around the country:

MCB Quantico Va

MCB Camp Lejeune

MCB Camp Pendleton