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US Navy Chaplains have existed since November 1775. As both ordained clergy and commissioned US Navy officers, their mission is to ensure the free exercise of religion while promoting and maintaining spiritual fitness and personal readiness.

The Basic School chaplain provides religious services for his own faith group, facilitates religious services for all other faith groups, cares for (through confidential counseling) all students, permanent personnel, and dependents regardless of faith preference, and serves as a command advisor on all subjects regarding religion, morals and ethics, and morale.

Capodanno Chapel is located in Lopez Hall just down the hall from the chow hall and is available for religious services and studies, prayer, and meditation. Please contact the chaplain or RP if you have questions or want to set an appointment for confidential counseling. Follow "Capodanno Chapel at TBS" Facebook page for the latest updates for religious events and services.

Per Navy policy SECNAVINST 1730.9, what is said to a chaplain within counseling is absolutely confidential - period; there are NO exceptions, including harm to self or others. The government and military realize the benefit to service members and their dependents of providing a place of complete privacy to share sensitive information. A chaplain may recommend additional resources, but it is always up to the person who discloses information whether or not to allow that information to be shared with others.

Chaplain Andrew Brod, USN
COM: 703-784-6678

RPC (FMF) Sean Lynagh, USN
COM: 703-784-5210