Utilities Instruction Company
Marine Corps Engineer School
Train, Develop and Support

Utilities Instruction Company prepares officers and enlisted personnel for duty with the Operating Force by developing and presenting formal instruction and practical application in the 11xx Utilities Military Occupational Specialties at the entry-level, noncommissioned officer level, and supervisory level.  Utilities Instruction Company also provides support through training requests as well as doctrinal and capabilities analysis as requested from the Operating Force and supporting elements such as Marine Corps Combat Development Command (MCCDC), Combat Development and Integration (CD&I), and Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC).

Company Commander: (910) 440-7073                           Academics Officer: (910) 440-7286

Company 1stSgt: (910) 440-7592                                     Academics Chief: (910) 440-7238

Company GySgt: (910) 440-7145                                     Academic Analyst: (910) 440-7087

To the 11XX community,

Marines interested in becoming an instructor, reference MCO 1326.6.

For lesson material, the Training Resource Module within MCTIMS has up to date curriculum.

Marines who desire to attend the Utilities Chief Course or the Advanced Courses, review the requirements under Course Information within the menu.  For LCpl's who wish to attend the Advanced Courses, a SNCO must contact the Academic Officer or Academic Chief to request a waiver. A Command Screening checklist is NOT required to attend.

Semper Fidelis,
UIC Staff

1120 - Utility Officer Course

1141 - Basic Electrician

1141 - Advanced Electrician

1142 - Basic Engineer Equipment Electrical Systems Technician

1142 - Advanced Engineer Equipment Electrical Systems Technician

1161 - Basic Refrigerator and Air Conditioning Technician Course

1169 - Utilities Chief Course

1171 - Basic Water Support Technician

1171 - Advanced Water Support Technician