Field Medical Training Battalion - West
Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California

This course will be primarily classroom/didactic training. The Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)/Combat Lifesaver (CLS) Trainer Course is designed to prepare Navy medical personnel as trainers of TCCC/CLS. The student will be provided the instructional knowledge and techniques necessary to provide effective training for medical personnel and selected Marines.

Commanding Officer
Field Medical Training Battalion
PO Box 555243
Camp Pendleton CA 92055

During Working Hours 760-725-2559
After Working Hours 760-725-2559
Fax 760-725-2799


FMTB is located in the 21 Area aboard Camp Pendleton. Google Maps Location.

From San Diego Airport take I-5 north to Oceanside and follow the signs to Camp Pendleton. Once on board stay immediately to the right, following the sign for Del Mar. Take the ramp up and over the main road to the 21 Area/Del Mar. Make a left at 8th Street and follow the road until you see the building on the left hand side. The school house is located near the headquarters building with the large flag pole.


Students are to report in the Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform (MCCUU) to Valor Hall, BLDG 210730. If you will be checking in during normal working hours, (0730-1630), report directly to FMTB-W S-1, First Deck. If you will be checking in after normal working hours, report to the FMTB-W Quarterdeck, Building 210730. Google Maps: 21 Area Parade Deck Camp Pendleton South, CA. The duty phone is 760-725-2559 and is manned 24/7. The parking area for TCCC/CLS-Trainer students is located at the gravel parking lot, in front of BLDG 210730.


All personnel attending TCCC/CLS Trainer Course shall bring the following items with them:

· Pen and highlighter

· Medications (EPI pen, inhalers, etc.,) 

The uniform of the day for the Marine Corps has been synchronized with daylight savings time (DST). During summer months, the Woodland MCCUU will be worn with sleeves up . During winter months, the uniform of the day is Woodland MCCUU with sleeves down.

At the conclusion of the training day, usually 1630 – 1700, liberty will be granted. Appropriate civilian attire should be brought with you for this purpose.

Students should check in with a minimum of $100.00 cash for meals and incidentals. Meals hours and rates for the dining facility are as follows:

Dining Facility Hours and Prices

Monday - Friday 0530-0730

Monday - Friday 1100-1300

Monday - Friday 1630-1800

During this Program of Instruction there is no PT during working hours.

PT is strongly encouraged at the conclusion of the training day, usually 1630 – 1700.