Field Medical Training Battalion - West
FMTB-W, Camp Pendleton : FMST Course

ATTENTION: All students must have a Periodical Health Assessment (PHA) conducted prior to leaving their current command. Students are also required to be within BCA standards and pass the Navy PRT using the run cardio model; no alternative cardio option is authorized. Body Composition Assessments (BCAs) will be conducted the first day of the course and students outside of the age adjusted body fat percentage will be recommended for administrative paperwork and recycled or disenrolled from the course.

As with any Marine Corps command, physical training is a large and very important part of Fleet Marine Force (FMF) training and education. This course is physically demanding and preparation prior to reporting is extremely essential. A daily routine of running two to four miles, sit-ups, and push-ups should be adequate to prepare you. Over the eight week course, FMST students will hike over 25 miles with full combat load, conduct a Navy PFA, the Marine Corps PFT, Marine Corps CFT, group PT, Company and Platoon runs.



FMTB-West Pre-Arrival Benchmarks


Upon receiving orders to attend Field Medical Training Battalion West, you should begin working out on your own and training to best prepare yourself for the physical training standards you are expected to meet. FMTB – West conducts multiple rigorous physical training sessions, a Navy Physical Readiness Test, a Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test, Combat Fitness Test, and 3 tested Hikes with 65 lbs.

First and foremost, the Navy Physical Health Assessment (PHA) is a requirement to take this course and needs to be completed if it is expired or will be expired during the duration of the course.

As Corpsman serving with the Fleet Marine Force, there will be Marines who’s lives you will be responsible for. Physical Fitness and preparedness is just as important as your level of medical competency. You will be trained and prepared for both.

The following Benchmarks are meant to serve as minimum standards for success at FMTB-West. However, you should never strive for the minimum.

Navy Physical Readiness Test:

  • 1.5 mile RUN:      
    • Male: 11:30 
    • Female: 13:45
  • Push-ups:
    • Male: 55
    • Female: 28
  • Sit-ups:
    • Male: 66
    • Female: 66
  • *(or age equivalent of Good Medium)

The Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test (PFT):

  • 3 Mile run
    • Male: 27:40
    • Female: 30:50
  • Crunches
    • Male: 70
    • Female: 50-55
  • Dead-hang Pull-ups
    • Male: 4-5
    • Female: 1-3
  • Check this link to find your age equivalent score for passing

The Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test (CFT):

  • 880m run in Boots and Utilities (not steel toe)
    • Male: 3:45
    • Female: 4:36 – 4:41
  • Ammo can lift - consists of 30 lb
    • Male: 62-67
    • Female: 30
  • Movement Under fire
    • Male: 3:17-3:18
    • Female: 4:53-4:35
  • Check this link to find your age equivalent score for passing


  • You will be expected to pass an 8 mile hike in uniform and combat load
  • Prior to reporting you should be able to hike with a 45lb pack in uniform at a pace of 3.6 mph for 4 miles


  • There will be extensive amounts of running throughout the course. You should feel comfortable running 3 miles at an 8 to 9 minute/mile pace.

Meeting these minimum requirements will set you up for success at FMTB-West.

If you have further questions please contact the FMTB-West CFL by email at:

Develop, coordinate, resource, execute and evaluate training and education concepts, policies, plans and programs to ensure the Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman is prepared for assignment with the operational forces.
To be the best training command within the United States Marine Corps; producing the best trained, best prepared, and battle ready Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman.  He will be prepared to meet the challenges of present and future operational environments.