Field Medical Training Battalion - West

Issued Gear

FMTB-W, Camp Pendleton : FMST Course



The first day of class you will wear the Navy Service Uniform and the Navy PTU for the BCA (you must have a current PHA before checking in), please ensure these items are ready to go. The remainder of the first week you will wear the NWU's. You will be issued the following items the first week of class:

·  1 belt reflective
·  2 insignia, service uniform collar
·  1 pair of Infantry Combat boots
·  1 pair of hot weather boots
·  2 Utility Covers (1 Woodland and 1 Desert)
·  2 Booney Covers (1 Woodland and 1 Desert)
·  4 Combat Utility Blouses (2 Woodland and 2 Desert)
·  4 Combat Utility Trousers (2 Woodland and 2 Desert)
·  6 pairs of cushion sole socks
·  4 sets name tapes (2 Woodland and 2 Desert)
·  6 green undershirts (3 cotton and 3 synthetic)
·  1 USMC Sweater
·  1 pair of green shorts
·  1 Marine Corps sweat suit (top and bottom)
·  1 web belt
·  1 belt buckle 
Develop, coordinate, resource, execute and evaluate training and education concepts, policies, plans and programs to ensure the Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman is prepared for assignment with the operational forces.
To be the best training command within the United States Marine Corps; producing the best trained, best prepared, and battle ready Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman.  He will be prepared to meet the challenges of present and future operational environments.