Field Medical Training Battalion - East
Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

Welcome to Field Medical Training Battalion! For more than 100 years, young men and women have been answering the call to save lives on the battlefield. For the past 65 years, Corpsmen have been receiving training here at Field Medical Training Battalion.

Having persevered and overcome the challenges of an incredibly intense 8 week training program, graduation is the one event that students look forward to with excitement, anticipation, relief and pride.  Graduation takes place on the lawn of FMTB's School house, known as Doc Bradley Hall. It is a military ceremony with Staff, students, family, friends and guests of honors. Families of the young courageous Corpsmen and Religious Personnel, travel from all over the country to watch their loved ones graduate and enter into the supporting fields of the Fleet Marine Force. Everyone is welcome to attend the graduation ceremony, and there are facilities and seating for all who come. This page will explain a variety of events that take place on Graduation day as well as driving directions, location, and local resources.


Field Medical Training Battalion is located aboard Camp Johnson, which is part of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. The entrance to Camp Johnson is the site of the Beirut Memorial, the North Carolina Veterans Cemetery, the 9-11 Memorial, and the Vietnam Memorial. The Beirut Memorial was constructed in remembrance of the 273 Marines, Soldiers, and Sailors who lost their lives in Beirut and Grenada in 1983.

Camp Johnson's main gate is 4 miles west of the Camp Lejeune main gate on Highway 24.

Driving Directions

Take exit 364 (Hwy 24 East) towards Kenansville
Follow Hwy 24 into Jacksonville to Camp Johnson.

From I95
Exit on Hwy 70 East in Selma, NC
In Kinston, NC take Hwy 258 East towards Jacksonville, NC
Hwy 258 will merge with Hwy 24 East which leads to Camp Johnson.

From Hwy 17
Follow to Jacksonville, NC where you will pick up at Hwy 24 East which leads to Camp Johnson.

Entry to Camp Johnson

In order to drive aboard Camp Johnson, you must obtain a base pass.  Passes can be obtained on Camp Lejeune prior to graduation.  To get a pass you will need to provide a current Drivers License, Proof of insurance and current Vehicle Registration.


After the graduation ceremony takes place you may tour Doc Bradley Hall and the simulation lab.

Additional Information

For additional information you may contact the Quarterdeck at FMTB-E. (910) 450-0750.

Information on Camp Johnson/Lejeune may also be found on Camp Lejeune's Homepage, or the Marine Corps Community Services Webpage.