Family Readiness

What is Family Readiness?

  • The goal of the Uniform Readiness Program is to provide support to Marines, Sailors, and their families. Family is defined as all members of a Marine's family, and Marines have three families: the family they are born into, sworn into and married into. Family support shall be provided to service members (regardless of marital status), spouses, children, and the designated parents/extended family members of Marines and Sailors. Personal and Family readiness leads to an increase in unit readiness.

What can a Uniformed Readiness Coordinator (URC) do for you?

  • The URC is the Command’s representative and point of contact for all family readiness issues and concerns for all military members, both married and single.
  • The subject matter expert for all MCCS programs, events and resources.
  • Advocate and information source for the families of single Marines.

How can you assist the Family Readiness Team?

  • Maintain your wills, powers of attorney, contact information and other important family documents as applicable.
  • Volunteer as a Family Readiness Assistant or Volunteer
  • Share information with other military-connected families.
  • Support family events through attendance and participation.
  • Advocate and provide support for families who have members deployed.
"Marines take care of their own - period. The enduring pledge between Marines is never more sacred than during time of war. Just as every Marine makes a commitment to the Corps when they earn the title Marine, the Corps makes an enduring commitment to every Marine - and an enduring commitment to their family." (Quote by General Conway, 34th CMC Planning Guidance)

Office#: (850) 452-3359

Your Uniformed Readiness Coordinator and the Family Readiness Team are here to assist with any aspect of the military lifestyle.

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