Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Colonel Stuart P. Scheller

LtCol Stuart P. Scheller graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a bachelors in accounting.  He began Officer Candidate School in January 2005.  After completing Officer Candidate School, The Basic School, and Infantry Officer Course, he checked into 1st Battalion, 8th Marines in December 2005.

After checking into 1st Battalion, 8th Marines, and assuming the duty of platoon commander, LtCol Scheller conducted a deployment on the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit.  He participated in the Non-Combatant Evacuation of American citizens out of Beirut during the 2006 Israeli/Lebanese conflict.  Then the following year, he was assigned the role of Alpha Company Executive Officer and deployed to Ramadi, Iraq.  Of note, during that time the infantry companies moved to a four infantry platoon construct, so LtCol Scheller, in addition to his Company Executive Officer duties, was also the Fire Support leader, and also served in this capacity during a Mojave Viper and the Ramadi deployment.

In 2008 LtCol Scheller checked into the School of Infantry East, Infantry Training Battalion.  He spent six months as the Weapons Instructor group OIC, and a year and a half as the Echo Company Commander.

In 2010 LtCol Scheller sought out an Individual Augment deployment to Afghanistan.  He was the Counter-IED team leader for the organization JIEDDO. He spent a year in Paktika and Ghanzi provinces while supporting the Army’s 101st Infantry Brigade.  He was the infantry subject matter expert for EOD and Route Clearance Platoon operations.             

From July 2011 to June 2012 LtCol Scheller attended resident Expeditionary Warfare School.

Following Expeditionary Warfare School, LtCol Scheller augmented Officer Candidate School as a platoon commander for a 10 week class. 

In September 2012 LtCol Scheller checked into 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines and served as the Company Commander for Headquarters and Service Company.  During this Company Command tour, he completed the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit deployment.  Following the deployment, in November 2013, LtCol Scheller assumed the duty as Weapons Company Commander.  During his Weapons Company Command tour, he completed an Infantry Training Exercise and a Unit Deployment East.

In August 2015, LtCol Scheller checked into The Basic School.  During his three year tour, he served in many capacities, to include Operations Officer, Company Commander, and Warfighting Director.

In July 2018, LtCol Scheller attended resident Command and Staff College where he earned a Masters in Military Science.

In July 2019, LtCol Scheller checked into Marine Special Forces Command and assumed the duties as the Executive Officer of 2nd Support Battalion.  Of note, the Battalion Commander spent the majority of the tour deployed on a Special Operations Task Force, allowing LtCol Scheller the opportunity to lead the battalion stateside.

In June 2020 LtCol Scheller checked into 6th Marine Regiment and assumed the duties as Operations Officer.  During this time the Regiment supported four battalions and completed a Service Level Training Exercise.

In June 2021 LtCol Scheller checked into the School of Infantry East, Advanced Infantry Training Battalion, as the commanding officer.

Training Command