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IG Complaint Submission
Before you begin to file your complaint with the Command Inspector General, there are a few things for you to consider.  This office is established to assist you with your complaint if possible.  However, if you fall into one of the categories below then this may not be the most direct way to resolve your issue.  Please read carefully to determine if you can save yourself some time by making the correct choice.
1.  If you have contacted a member of Congress prior to filing this complaint then please continue to pursue that avenue of redress.  The Inspector General’s office can not duplicate the process that has already been initiated by a member of Congress.  Please continue to lodge your complaint with your point of contact within the appropriate congressional office.
2.  If you are no longer on active duty, then the Inspector General is not able to assist you in correcting your records. The appropriate agency that has been established to facilitate your request is the Board for Correction of Naval Records.  They are the only office that has the authority to impact any change to your Official Military Personnel File.
3.  If you are requesting assistance with dependant/former dependant financial support then please follow this link to contact the DEERS/Dependency Section of Manpower (MRP-1).  That office is specifically designed to aid people seeking redress from nonsupport of a Marine.  If you have a court order for financial support then you will be required to provide that and other documentation as necessary in order to qualify for assistance.  Otherwise, the DEERS/Dependency Section will ensure that the military member is compliant with Marine Corps Order P5800.16A

What have you done to resolve the issue before contacting us? 
The Hotline Complaint Program should be considered as a last resort after exhausting all other possible options.
Review the Frequently Asked Questions.
1.  Who may use the Hotline? Anyone can file a hotline complaint
2.  Is there a time limit to file a complaint?
Complaints should be filed within 90 days of the alleged wrongdoing.  However, we will consider complaints over 90 days old if extraordinary circumstances are proven. 
3.  What issues should you report to the Hotline?
You should report any issue as described in the MCO 5370.8
4.  Can I remain anonymous or request confidentiality? 
You may remain anonymous, but we will not be able to contact you for more information.
You may request confidentiality, and the Command Inspector will make every effort to prevent disclosure of your identity, but we cannot guarantee confidentiality.

5.  How do you submit a hotline complaint? 

The Command Inspector General encourages you to submit the allegation(s) utilizing the following website;