Sergeant Major Jeremy L. Hager

Jeremy Hager was born in Dallas, Texas on 17 December 1981 and grew up in southeast Missouri.  He enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2003.  Following the completion of basic entry level training he was meritoriously promoted to the rank of Private First Class.  Private First Class Hager then reported to Fort Sill, Oklahoma where he would receive training on artillery call for fire.  After graduation he was ordered to Coronado, California where he received training to become efficient in controlling naval gunfire and subsequently completing the requirements to be awarded the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) of artillery scout observer (0861).

Private First Class Hager arrived at 2d Battalion, 11th Marines, where he served as a scout observer, radio operator and Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS) Operator.  In August of 2004, Lance Corporal Hager deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom II with 7th Marines as a scout observer and radio operator and participated in Operation Phantom Fury in Al Fallujah.  After returning from Iraq he returned to 2d Battalion, 11th Marines and was promoted to the rank of corporal in June of 2005.  In 2006, Corporal Hager deployed to Iraq again in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 5-07 with 1st Battalion, 25th Marines and 5th Marines serving as the battalion and regimental information operations chief.  In May 2006, he was promoted to the rank of sergeant.

In October 2007, Sergeant Hager was ordered to report to drill instructor school and completed eight recruit training cycles, serving as a drill instructor and senior drill instructor.  Sergeant Hager was promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant in April 2009.  During his time at Marine Corps Recruit Depot he attended the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) instructor course and earned the MOS of martial arts instructor (0916).

Staff Sergeant Hager was then ordered to report to 1st Battalion, 12th Marines in Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) to serve as the battalion liaison chief in January of 2011.  While assigned to this unit Staff Sergeant earned a fourth MOS of joint terminal attack controller (8002).  Staff Sergeant Hager also completed the second-degree black belt syllabus in the MCMAP and renewed his certification for his instructor tab.

In November 2011, Staff Sergeant Hager deployed with 3d Battalion, 3d Marines in support of Operation Enduring Freedom 12.2 and served as a company JTAC and watch officer.  In April 2012, Staff Sergeant Hager returned from deployment to MCBH, three weeks later he reported into the staff academy for career school.  At the conclusion of the career school and post deployment leave, Staff Sergeant Hager rejoined 1st Battalion, 12th Marines.

Staff Sergeant Hager rejoined 3d Battalion, 3d Marines in September 2012, for mountain warfare training center located in Bridgeport, California.  Staff Sergeant Hager completed a full pre-deployment training program with the battalion and deployed to Okinawa, Japan in support of the unit deployment program.  Staff Sergeant Hager was promoted to the rank of gunnery sergeant in February 2013 and attended the staff non-commissioned officer academy aboard Camp Butler completing the advance school. 

In April 2014, Gunnery Sergeant Hager was ordered to report to Officer Training Command in Newport, Rhode Island for duty as class drill instructor.  During his time at Navy Officer Candidate School, Gunnery Sergeant Hager was named the Marine of the year in 2015 and successfully completed seven classes of basically trained Naval Officers.  While at Newport, he also attended the Navy senior enlisted academy in January 2017.

Gunnery Sergeant Hager reported to 2d Battalion, 11th Marines for duty as a fire support chief in the summer of 2017 and completed the pre-deployment training for Task Force Al-Taqqadum, Iraq.  He was later selected to the rank of first sergeant and filled the billet of battery first sergeant with Headquarters Battery, 2d Battalion, 11th Marines.

First Sergeant Hager reported to 9th Communication Battalion for duty as a company first sergeant in February 2018.  While with 9th Communication Battalion he served as the company first sergeant for Alpha and Headquarters and Service Company.  First Sergeant Hager also attended the Marine Corps senior enlisted professional military education school in February 2020. 

After the conclusion of this tour, First Sergeant Hager reported to 7th Engineer Support Battalion for duty as a company first sergeant for Engineer Support Company.  He was later hand selected to serve as the command senior enlisted leader for Task Force KOA MOANA-21 and deployed to the Republic of Palau.  During this deployment, First Sergeant Hager was selected to the rank of sergeant major and subsequently ordered to report to Air Control Training Squadron in February 2022 for duty as squadron sergeant major. 

Sergeant Major Hager has completed his Bachelor of Science Degree in general studies with a minor in criminal justice from Southeast Missouri State University.