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ITB trains, develops, and certifies Marines as riflemen, machine gunners, mortarmen, infantry assaultmen, and antitank missilemen in order to provide basically qualified infantrymen for service in the Operating Forces. Additionally, ITB has an inherent obligation to continue to train, educate, and develop permanent personnel in order to facilitate career progression and continued service in the Marine Corps.


Lieutenant Colonel L. C. Day
Commanding Officer, Infantry Training Battalion

Sergeant Major H. R. French
Sergeant Major, Infantry Training Battalion


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Basic Infantry Marine (0300)

Infantry Rifleman (0311)

Infantry Machine Gunner (0331)

Infantry Mortarman (0341)

Infantry Assault Marine (0351)

Infantry Anti-Tank Missile Gunner Course (0352)

ITB's Training Schedule Overview
NOTE:  Linked file above includes course schedule overviews for 0300, 0311, 0331, 0341, 0351, and 0352.