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CPEN Tenant Unit Training Requests

SUBMISSION REQUEST INSTRUCTIONS:  Tenant and non-tenant units soliciting training requirements through School of Infantry-West will need to download the "SOI-W Training - Support Request v2" form and submit via email to Regt S-3 Org Box at SOI-W_REGT_S3@usmc.mil.  Any submission under thirty days will not be approved.  For non-tenant units requesting support you will need to download the "SOI-WEST FOS" form and submit the FOS via AMHS message to TECOM. The contact number is  Comm: 760-725-7127 , please contact the Regimental S-3 office directly for further information or inquiries.

Training Request Form Download: 
SOI-W Training - Support Request v1.xlsx
SOI-WEST FOS Form Download:  SOI-W FOS Form.doc