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Marine Combat Training Battalion


Marine Combat Training Battalion

School of Infantry - West

Camp Pendleton, CA

MCT Battalion generates Marine Riflemen to possess a foundational understanding of, and their role in applying, the Marine Corps' warfighting ethos, core values, basic tenets of maneuver warfare, leadership responsibilities, mental, moral, and physical resiliency in order to contribute to the successful accomplishment of their unit's mission.

New Rifleman Definition:  A Marine Rifleman embodies the Marine Corps' warfighting ethos: offensively minded; lethal with their weapon mentally, morally, physically resilient; proficient in basic field craft; and possessing a foundational understanding of leadership and the basic tenets of maneuver warfare.

Lieutenant Colonel B. J. O'Shea
Commanding Officer, Marine Combat Training Battalion

Sergeant Major D. M. Tremble
Sergeant Major, Marine Combat Training