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Marksmanship Tech Demo

MTD 2016 – Looking Forward:

  • Weapons Training Battalion acts as the proponent for marksmanship for the Marine Corps. In this capacity and in conjunction with the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory, the Marksmanship Technology Demonstration was created.

  • Once a year, the Marine Corps invites select industry to MTD to demonstrate commercial technologies with the potential to address identified capability gaps as it relates to Marine Corps marksmanship.  These technologies will be used to inform the capability development and refinement process.

  • The Marine Corps recently released a Request for Information (RFI) for MTD 2016 to identify various marksmanship technologies that hinge on three pillars: training, weapons, and ranges.

MTD 2016:

  • When: 6-9 September 2016*

  • Where: Calvin A. Lloyd Range Complex, Marine Corps Base Quantico, VA


 Technology Focus Areas:

  • The Marine Corps is interested in the following five technology areas for MTD 2016:

  1. Small Arms Automated Smart Static Targets

  2. Small Arms Automated Smart Mobile Targets

  3. Next-Generation Rifles

  4. Next-Generation Optics

  5. Current Service Rifle Upgrades

About MTD:

  • Created by the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory and Weapons Training Battalion, MTD brings together stakeholders from across the Marine Corps requirements, acquisition, and technology development communities in a dynamic process to quickly evaluate and accelerate fielding of technologies to equip, train and field  a 21st century Marine.


  • MTD is not a tradeshow.  During the 2 day demonstration a team of Marine subject matter experts (SMEs) will collect data on system performance and will provide qualitative feedback on their observations of the technologies presented.


  • Following the demonstration, promising technologies may be selected for extended user evaluations to further inform Marine Corps future requirements development.


MTD 2016 RFI:

  •  Solicitation Number: M67854-16-MTD-RFI                



  • The deadline to respond to the RFI is midnight EST on Monday, 1 August 2016.*



Weapons Training Battalion,

MCB Quantico