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INFORMATION:  (760) 763-0177 




The focus of this course is to orient and train Medical Department Officers to serve with the Fleet Marine Force (FMF) and Mobile Construction Battalions. 

Although the course of instruction is not intended to teach medical or dental procedures or interventions, we will cover medical and dental trends specific to serving with operational units.  This will be accomplished through classroom/didactic and field training.



To attend the FMSO course using ADT funds, send an email request to BUMED Reserve Policy and Integration (M10), Education and Training at dha.bethesda.wrnmmc.list.navy-medicine-reservist-liaison@mail.mil. All other request for funding to attend the course must be submitted through your local Navy Operational Support Centers (NOSC).

You will be requested to fill out the below document.

Navy Medicine Reserve AT/ADT Request Form FY 2017: Download



Commanding Officer
Field Medical Training Battalion
PO Box 555243
Camp Pendleton CA 92055  

(760) 725-2559 (during working hrs)
(760) 725-2559 (after working hrs)  
FAX: (760) 725-2799



FMTB is located in the 21 Area aboard Camp Pendleton. Google Maps Location.

From San Diego Airport take I-5 north to Oceanside and follow the signs to Camp Pendleton. Once on board stay immediately to the right, following the sign for Del Mar. Take the ramp up and over the main road to the 21 Area/Del Mar. Make a left at 8th Street and follow the road until you see the building on the left hand side. The school house is located near the headquarters building with the large flag pole.


Students are to report in the Navy Service Uniform (Khakis) to Valor Hall, BLDG 210730.  The uniform for the first day of class will be Khakis.  Please bring your Navy physical training uniform (gold top, blue shorts) with you on the first day. 

Parking area is located in the gravel parking lot, in front of BLDG 210730.



All personnel attending FMSO shall bring the following items with them:

·  Good pair of running shoes with white socks (not basketball shoes)
·  Pen and highlighter
·  4 sets of boot bands
·  1 set of dog tags (red tags for allergies)
·  Sufficient amount of toiletry items to provide for your personal comfort during the training period
·  Medications (EPI pen, inhalers, etc.,)
·  Sunscreen
·  Hearing protection
·  Insect repellant
·  Yellow color glow belt


Officers are required to bring their own uniforms; FMTB-West will NOT issue Marine Corps uniforms.
.  2 complete sets of Woodland MCCUU uniforms 
.  2 camouflage Navy covers (without USMC Emblem) with subdued (blackened) officer cover device
.  2 Khaki belts with open gold buckle
.  4 pairs of brown, black, or green boot socks
.  2 sets of shiny collar devices (rank on right, corps device on left)
.  2 pairs of brown USMC combat boots (Infantry Combat boots, hot weather boots)
.  4 green t-shirts


The uniform of the day for the Marine Corps has been synchronized with daylight savings time (DST). During summer months, the Woodland MCCUU will be worn with sleeves up . During winter months, the uniform of the day is Woodland MCCUU with sleeves down.


For those who will be going to a USMC command and are not able to purchase the USMC MCCUU at your local Exchange, you can order your uniforms online

at: http://www.usmc-mccs.org/




Officers who have follow on orders to SEABEE commands are authorize to wear the Navy ISSUE TYPE 3 uniform instead of MARPAT WOODLAND uniform.


During the course, students will participate in a 2 and 4 mile hike. It is imperative the students bring boots that are already broken in, to avoid damage to the feet.

At the conclusion of the training day, usually 1630 - 1700, liberty will be granted. Appropriate civilian attire should be brought with you for this purpose.



·  Knives over 3 inches in length
·  Personal Weapons (Guns)


As with any Marine Corps command, physical training (PT) is a large and very important part of overall FMF training and education.  The course is physically demanding and preparation prior to reporting is extremely essential.  Students are expected to maintain Navy body fat composition and grooming standards.  All Students will be measured (height, weight, and body fat) on the first day of class.  ARRIVE IN STANDARDS AND IN SHAPE!  You will not be able to participate in training if you are out of standards.  On

Training Day Two, an inventory Navy Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) consisting of: sit-ups, push-ups, and a 1.5 mile timed run will be conducted (alternate cardio is NOT offered).


Other physical training conducted during the course includes: 


.  3-4 PT evolutions
.  2 and 4 mile hikes with gear (gear will be issued, then returned)
.  Gas chamber
.  9mm Pistol Range (Familiarization Fire)
.  Marine Corps Obstacle Course
.  Litter Obstacle Course




In order to arrive at the school fully prepared and to prevent undue hardships on you and your dependents, the following procedures should be addressed prior to arriving at this command:

.  Ensure that dependents are adequately provided for
.  Obtain a Will and a Power of Attorney (if desired)
.  Update immunizations as required
.  Bring current Military Identification Card (check expiration)



Students should check in with a minimum of $100.00 cash for meals and incidentals. Meals hours and rates for the dining facility are as follows:



Breakfast Mon-Fri 0530 0730 $3.55

Lunch Mon-Fri 1100 1300 $5.55

Dinner Mon-Fri 1630 1800 $5.55




  • Bring Your Own Device: If a student wishes to use their own device, the classroom material is available for download below.
  • FMSO Course Material download here (.zip file)





Develop, coordinate, resource, execute and evaluate training and education concepts, policies, plans and programs to ensure the Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman is prepared for assignment with the operational forces.
To be the best training command within the United States Marine Corps; producing the best trained, best prepared, and battle ready Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman.  He will be prepared to meet the challenges of present and future operational environments.