Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools
Permanent Personnel

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Welcome to the Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools and Camp Johnson,
home of the Montford Point Marines!

Formal school training is the primary mission of the Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools. Our formal schools provide Marine Corps Officers and Enlisted members training and instruction that leads to the assignment of a military occupational specialty (MOS). Our formal schools located at Camp Johnson include:

  • Financial Management School (FMS)
  • Logistics Operations School (LOS)
  • Personnel Administration School (PAS)
  • Ground Supply School (GSS)

In addition to the above MCCSSS formal schools, the following schools are located on Camp Johnson:

  • Field Medical Training Battalion (FMTB)
  • Train The Trainer School  (T3S)
  • Marine Combat Water Survival Swimming School (MCWSSS)
  • Staff Non-Commissioned Officers Academy (SNCOA)    

Permanent Personnel Reporting

Permanent personnel checking into Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools during normal working hours (0730-1630) should report to the Personnel Administrative Center (PAC) located in building M130. After normal working hours, report to the Area Officer of the Day (AOOD) in building M131. Personnel will be directed to check in at the PAC on the next business day.


         ******** Note, some billeting has changed due to the impact of hurricane Florence. Student Officers should make contact with their schools first.

Permanent Personnel Officers, SNCOs and married Marines (sergeants and below):

Temporary Lodging: There are five bachelor officer quarters located around the Camp Lejeune/NewRiver complex: Paradise Point, Camp Geiger, MCAS New River, Courthouse Bay and Camp Johnson. For information and pricing call (910) 451-2146 or 451-1385.

The Hospitality Inn is available as a home away from home for those new to the area. The Inn has 90 rooms with two double beds, kitchenette, TV, VCR, cable, laundry facilities on the premises and other nice amenities like irons and coffee pots. The Inn is open 24 hours a day. Sorry no pets allowed. The Inn is located on Holcomb Blvd., Bldg 896. For more information please call (910) 451- 3041.

Permanent Personnel (Privates through Sergeants):

The BEQ office is located in M457. Linens, maintenance issues, and light bulbs can be acquired at the company BEQ office.