Marine Detachment Corry Station

The mission of the Detachment is to provide administrative, academic, and liaison support to Marine Corps personnel attending Joint Cyber Analysis Course (JCAC), Intermediate Communication Signals Analysis (451), Advanced Communication Signals Analysis (452), and Operational Electronic Intelligence (OPELINT) in order to provide combat capable Marines to the Operating Forces, Reserve Forces, and Supporting Establishment while ensuring Marine Corps interests and equities are fulfilled with regards to Joint Cyberspace Operations and Signals Intelligence training. 

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  • Working Hours: Monday - Friday (Non Holidays) 0800-1500
  • During Working Hours: Check in at the Marine Detachment, building 511 Room 103 (850-452-6543/6667) in the Service Alpha Uniform.
  • After Working Hours: Report to the Naval Quarter Deck building 3714 (850-452-6618) located on Chiefs Way in proper uniform or civilian attire, and then contact the Marine Detachment Staff Duty Officer (850-760-3882). The next business day you will report to the Marine Detachment at 0830 in the service alpha uniform.
  • Marines are encouraged to check in during working hours.  Contact the Staff Duty Officer for help after hours.



  • All Marines attending will be PCS'd and rate base housing and/or BAH if they are on accompanied orders. 
  • Unaccompanied Sergeants and Above can submit a BAH package after attaching (Checking In to the Unit), but will be housed in barracks 3910 on NAS Pensacola until approval is granted.
  • All other LAT Move/Fleet Returnee Marines will be housed in barrack 3910 on NAS Pensacola for the duration of their time at Corry Station.
  • All Entry Level Training (ELT) Marines will be housed on Corry Station in the barracks.  


  • Marines arriving to Corry Station for any other school in a TEMINS, TDY, or DUINS status will be housed at barracks 3910 on NAS Pensacola and will require a personal mode of transportation to and from Corry Station.
  • Upon arrival Marines will check in with the Detachment on Corry Station and be directed to the barracks.  
  • Marines must get a letter of non-availability from the barracks before leaving the barracks and moving to the NAS lodge.
  • If the NAS Lodge is full Marines must get a letter of non-availability from the lodge as well.



  • MARDET CORRY STATION: 30.4064989182591, -87.28773443785619
    • +18504526543
    • +18504526667
    • ​Building 511 Room 103, 640 Roberts Avenue, Pensacola, FL 32511


  • NAVAL QUARTER DECK CORRY STATION: 30.40610208940544, -87.28289873194987
    • ​440 Roberts Ave, Pensacola, FL 32511
    • +18504526618


  • BARRACKS 3910 NAS PENSACOLA: 30.35495358347124, -87.2657470283 
    • ​905 East Ave, Pensacola, FL 32508


  • NAVY LODGE ON NAS PENSACOLA: 30.34682181094058, -87.30108131193924
    • +18504568676
    • ​3875 Radford Blvd, Pensacola, FL 32508


  • NAS PENSACOLA HOUSING AUTHORITY: 30.369739814617283, -87.27757867145522
    • ​+18504525168
    • 1581 Duncan Rd, Pensacola, FL 32508



  • Commanding Officer            (850) 452-6197
  • Senior Enlisted Advisor        (850) 452-6414
  • Marine Liaison                      (850) 452-6667
  • Platoon Sergeant                  (850) 452-6543
  • Staff Duty Officer                  (850) 776-3882


  • Entry Level Training Marines:  Do not require a vehicle, they will reside on Corry Station.


  • PCS/LAT Movers:  Require a vehicle, will not reside on Corry Station.


  • TDY/Fleet Returnees:  Require a vehicle, will not reside on Corry Station.


  • Marines are required to have their Original Orders, SRB, Health and Dental records, and all necessary uniform items. Uniform of the day will be the appropriate Marine pattern utility uniform as well as the seasonal service uniform. Graduation will be in the seasonal blue dress uniform. Marines will receive further guidance from the Marine Detachment Chain of Command as required.
  • All Marines that attending schools that are NCO's, Fleet Returnee, and/or Lateral Move, (any Marine not coming from MCT) will need to have a POV or rental vehicle- as they will reside in Government Lodging on NAS Pensacola or in a private residence. Government Lodging on Corry Station is only available for Entry Level Training (ELT) Marines. This policy applies to Active Duty and Reserve Marines.
  • Additional information for the Marine Detachment Corry Station can be found on the Corry Station Moodle Page - through MarineNet:

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