MCB Japan – Program Manager : (31) 645-251/2611

MCB Japan will be providing the subject course for FY 2017 at the following locations and dates:

12-23 June 2017

11-23 September 2017 


4-15 December 2017

 The following information must be e-mailed to MCB Japan POC for registration:   

1. Name/Rank 

2. Last 4 of SSN 

3. Billet Assigned (must be in writing) 

4. Location (Command) 

5. Contact Info (Address, Phone, Email) 

6. Rotation Date (must have at least 1 year left in billet from time of Class completion) 

Thirty four seats are available for each course. The following quotas have been designated for each class:  

 A. III MEF – 25  

 B. MCB Butler – 7  

 C. MCAS Iwakuni – 1 (personnel assigned to station only)

 D. MCAS Futenma – 1 (personnel assigned to station only) 

 The course will be held at the installation safety office, Building 5831, Classroom 123, Marine Corps Base Camp Smedley D. Butler. Class will begin promptly at 0730 and secure at 1630 each day. Due to the volume of work required for this course, personnel attending should not be assigned additional duties during this period of time. 

 The following requirements must be met in order to attend this course: personnel shall be appointed in writing as a safety officer/manager; must be an E-4 or above; and have a minimum of six (6) months left of obligated service in a safety billet upon graduation. 

Priorities for quota control have been established as follows:

 A. Priority I – SNCO/Officer/Civilian filling a primary Safety Officer/Manager billet.  

 B. Priority II – SNCO filling a primary safety officer or manager billet.  

 C. Priority III – all others

 All quota submittals shall be forwarded to the respective command safety offices:

 A. III MEF safety: DSN 622-7763  

 B. MCB Butler safety: DSN 645-3806  

 C. MCAS Iwakuni safety: DSN 253-6381 

 D. MCAS Futenma Safety: DSN 636-3330 

 E. MCCS Safety: DSN 645-9370

 Request all command safety offices provide the following quota information via electronic means to the POC NLT 14 calendar days before the date of course commencement. Commanders may also submit names for a standby list in the same manner simultaneously. 

 Students must bring a copy of their appointment letter on the first day of training. Students will also need to have impact resistant goggles and steel-toed boots available, as they will be visiting an industrial work site. Military uniform of the day will be utilities and civilian’s attire will be civilian casual.