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Marine Corps Communication-Electronics School


Marine Corps Communication-Electronics School

Training Command

Twentynine Palms, California

Accessing TechNet (CAC Required) : https://eis.usmc.mil/sites/technet/

If you have never had a TechNet account, you first need to request a MCEITS account by clicking on the following link and following the instructions provided. https://mceits.usmc.mil/Pages/RequestAccount.aspx

It is important that you select “TECHNET” from the SharePoint Site drop down menu otherwise you may not gain access to the site.

The TechNet administrators will be notified of your request and will have to approve your request to enable your account. Account creation may take a couple of days due to the manual approval requirements.

You will receive an email from a TechNet Administrator once your account has been created.

If you are experiencing problems with your existing account or you have recently received a new CAC you may need to have your account updated to access the site.

To update your account send an email to the MCEITS Helpdesk requesting that your account be CAC enabled.
You must include your EDIPI (DOD ID number on the back of your CAC) in the email.

You will receive a confirmation email once the service desk has completed your request.