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Logistics Directorate is responsible for planning, initiating, controlling, and coordination of the essential functions related to maintenance, supply, maintenance management, and Safety/ Hazardous Material within MCCES. The Directorate also supports the introduction of new equipment inventory; acquires and coordinates repair and minor construction support for buildings and grounds allocated to MCCES; long and short range plans are developed and coordinated, including refurbishment of existing facilities, or construction of new facilities to support the school’s mission; and maintains electronic systems and equipment, motor transport assets, and computer systems to support the training of Marines.

   Logistics Directorate                            Maintenance Management (MMO)
   Director  (760) 830-6347    Maintenance Management Officer  (760) 830-6135
   Log Chief  (760) 830-8383    Maintenance Management Chief  (760) 830-6198
   Admin Support  (760) 830-6147    Fiscal Unit
   Work Request Desk  (760) 830-6147    Fiscal Officer  (760) 830-5484
   Billeting Supervisor  (760) 830-4652    Fiscal Chief  (760) 830-6958
   SASSY Management Unit (Supply)    Maintenance
   Supply Officer  (760) 830-5478    Maintenance Officer  (760) 830-5597
   Maintenance Management Chief  (760) 830-3076    Maintenance Chief  (760) 830-5595
   Reprographics Unit    GCMS Officer  (760) 830-5596
   Visual Info Specialist  (760) 830-6520    GCMS Chief  (760) 830-5100
   Repro Technician  (760) 830-4338    Shipping & Receiving  (760) 830-5599
Airborne Mobile Training Team


Airborne Mobile Training Team

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