Personnel Administration School
PAS Logo
Entry Level Course Information
Rank  Name
Personnel Administration School (Course #)
MCCSSS, Trng Cmd
PSC Box 20041
Camp Lejeune, NC 28542-0041

 0500 Reveille 

 0500-0530 General Clean Up 

 0530-0545 Formation 

 0545-0650 Daily PT

 0650-0720 Fast Chow

 0720-0810 Change over and room inspection

 0900-1050 Period of Instruction

 1100-1230 Chow

 1230-1550 Period of Instruction

 1550-1600 Formation

1600-1630 Staff Duty Daily Brief

 1645 Liberty Sounded

 2045 Accountability Formation (Entry Level Students)

Administrative Specialist Course
Class Report date Convene date Grad date
ASC 1 4-Oct-21 5-Oct-21 24-Nov-21
ASC 2 4-Oct-21 5-Oct-21 24-Nov-21
ASC 3 18-Oct-21 19-Oct-21 8-Dec-21
ASC 4 18-Oct-21 19-Oct-21 8-Dec-21
ASC 5 25-Oct-21 26-Oct-21 15-Dec-21
ASC 6 25-Oct-21 26-Oct-21 15-Dec-21
ASC 7 8-Nov-21 15-Nov-21 13-Jan-22
ASC 8 8-Nov-21 15-Nov-21 13-Jan-22
ASC 9 24-Nov-21 29-Nov-21 27-Jan-22
ASC 10 24-Nov-21 29-Nov-21 27-Jan-22
ASC 11 9-Dec-21 10-Dec-21 9-Feb-22
ASC 12 9-Dec-21 10-Dec-21 9-Feb-22
ASC 13 3-Jan-22 4-Jan-22 17-Feb-22
ASC 14 3-Jan-22 4-Jan-22 17-Feb-22
ASC 15 19-Jan-22 20-Jan-22 8-Mar-22
ASC 16 19-Jan-22 20-Jan-22 8-Mar-22
ASC 17 3-Feb-22 4-Feb-22 23-Mar-22
ASC 18 3-Feb-22 4-Feb-22 23-Mar-22
ASC 19 17-Feb-22 18-Feb-22 6-Apr-22
ASC 20 17-Feb-22 18-Feb-22 6-Apr-22
ASC 21 7-Mar-22 8-Mar-22 20-Apr-22
ASC 22 7-Mar-22 8-Mar-22 20-Apr-22
ASC 23 21-Mar-22 22-Mar-22 4-May-22
ASC 24 21-Mar-22 22-Mar-22 4-May-22
ASC 25 4-Apr-22 5-Apr-22 18-May-22
ASC 26 4-Apr-22 5-Apr-22 18-May-22
ASC 27 21-Apr-22 22-Apr-22 8-Jun-22
ASC 28 21-Apr-22 22-Apr-22 8-Jun-22
ASC 29 5-May-22 6-May-22 22-Jun-22
ASC 30 5-May-22 6-May-22 22-Jun-22
ASC 31 16-May-22 17-May-22 30-Jun-22
ASC 32 16-May-22 17-May-22 30-Jun-22
ASC 33 2-Jun-22 3-Jun-22 20-Jul-22
ASC 34 2-Jun-22 3-Jun-22 20-Jul-22
ASC 35 16-Jun-22 17-Jun-22 3-Aug-22
ASC 36 16-Jun-22 17-Jun-22 3-Aug-22
ASC 37 11-Jul-22 12-Jul-22 24-Aug-22
ASC 38 11-Jul-22 12-Jul-22 24-Aug-22
ASC 39 1-Aug-22 2-Aug-22 16-Sep-22
ASC 40 11-Aug-22 12-Aug-22 28-Sep-22

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