Check-in to The Basic School

Check-in Time: NET 0700 / NLT 1700 on the date of your orders

Reporting Uniform: Service Alpha’s or Business Suit Equivalent

Required Documents: OQR, Medical/Dental Documentation, Hard Copy of Original Orders

Student materials can be found on the right navigation.

All students will be required to register for E-marine at:

All students will be required to complete both annual and fiscal year Marinenet training during the first two weeks of the POI. You can get-ahead by logging onto Marinenet and completing the required courses prior to check-in. The link is located at:

If you are a single Marine or a geo-bachelor, expect to live in a barracks-type environment, with one to two additional roommates, complete with a head, small refrigerator and microwave.  It is recommended to bring personal bedding (comforter, pillow), as well as any additional electronic items to assist with training during the POI (laptop, printer, tablet).

If you are married and are bringing a family, it is advised to live in the Stafford area and close to Garrisonville Road.  The majority of apartments, townhomes, or rentals that accommodate short term leases (i.e., monthly, quarterly, or six-month) are near Camp Barrett. The link to the Quantico housing office which contains ample information on Base Housing and the Housing Referral Service is:

 While training at The Basic School, you will not be allowed to ride a motorcycle.  Also, no firearms are permitted in the barracks aboard Camp Barrett, so either leave them at home or find an off-base storage location. If you choose to drive a personally owned vehicle to Camp Barrett, ensure you have your vehicle registration and insurance available, as we will conduct vehicle registration for the base during in-processing weeks.

 During the first few weeks of the POI you will be required to purchase the Marine Corps Dress Blue uniform to wear at The Basic School Marine Corps Birthday Ball. This uniform can cost upwards of $800.  Ensure that you have a plan to purchase this required uniform during this time. Included in subsequent pages are uniform prices from the TBS Uniform Shop and The Marine Shop, as well as the required uniform list for Officers graduating from The Basic School. Further information is available online.

The TBS Uniform Shop:

The Marine Shop:

Upon arrival at Camp Barrett, proceed to the parade deck annotated below by “Check-In Parking”.  Walk, following the yellow line depicted below, to Heywood Hall. Your check-in will go in the Vietnam Room.  You are expected to check-in wearing either your Service A uniform or civilian equivalent (suit and tie).

TBS Check In Map

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