Updated 14 August 2019

  1. Marine Corps Concept for Civil Affairs (CAC enabled FOUO doc on milSuite)
  2. Circular for Marine Civil Information Management
  3. Commandant's Planning Guidance
  4. Conflict Continuum Joint Doctrine Note
  5. FY20 MOS Manual is signed
  6. MARADMIN 155/19 affecting reserve LATMOVE to 0532
  7. Information established as Marine Corps 7th Marine Corps Warfighting Function MCBUL 5400 
  8. Civil Preparation of the Battlespace (CPB) Circular
  9. New JP 3-57 CMO
  10. Changes to 0570/0571 Foreign Security Force Advisor and Advanced Foreign Security Force Advisor 
  11. Student outlines and generic slides for 0530/0531/0532 courses available on MCTIMS (CAC enabled)
  12. Updated Stability Assessment Framework QRG
  13. DoS-USAID-DoD Stabilization Assistance Review Report (March 2018)
  14. Defense Support to Stabilization Info Paper (April 2018)
  15. JP 3-24 Counterinsurgency signed 25 April 2018
  16. New engagement plan template is a one stop shop for your overall engagement plan that you can use as a very tangible product to get approval from your OpsO or Det Commander.  The engagement worksheet provides more details about every person in your overall engagement plan.
    1. Download it here: Engagement Plan and Worksheet
  17. New assessment plan template, like the engagement plan, is a one stop shop to map out your civil reconnaissance. Again, a very tangible product to get approval from your OpsO or Det Commander.
    1. Download it here: Assessment Plan
  18. New capabilities brief that can be tailored towards a specific country and or city you will be conducting CAO or supporting CMO in.
    1. Download it here: Capabilities Brief
  19. MAGTF Information Environment Operations Concept of Employment signed 6 July 2017
    1. Download it here: MAGTF IE OPS CoE
  20. Green Cell Pamphlet
    1. Download it here:  MCCMOS Circular Green Cell
  21. Joint Publication 1 - Doctrine for the Armed Forces of the United States w/Change 1 on 12 July 2017 names "Information" as the 7th Warfighting Function.
    1. Download it here:  JP-1
  22. Due to the nature of the doctrine process MCCMOS has published a MAGTF CMO circular to support instruction and provide a means of having a reference that can be easily updated to reflect changes in the operating environment.
    1. Download it here: MCCMOS Circular MAGTF CMO