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The Basic School


The Basic School

Training Command

Quantico, Virginia



US Navy Chaplains have existed since November 1775. As both ordained clergy and commissioned US Navy officers, their mission is to ensure the free exercise of religion and promote and maintain spiritual readiness and interior wholeness.

Effective US Marine Corps leaders know to call upon their chaplain both for the sake of those they lead, and for their own benefit.



Per Navy policy (SECNAVINST 1730.9), what is said to a chaplain within counseling is absolutely confidential -period! There are no exceptions.

The government and military recognize that it is to the benefit of all to provide someone who is completely safe with sensitive or very personal information. So, YOU hold the key.

A chaplain may recommend other resources, but it will always be up to the person who discloses whether or not to allow information to be shared with anyone outside the chaplain counseling relationship.


Religious Ministry

at The Basic School

The Basic School Chaplain provides for his own faith group (currently Roman Catholic); facilitates the practice of other faith groups; advises the command; and cares for all students, permanent personnel, and their dependents, regardless of faith group.

CapodannoChapel is available to attend service, Mass, Bible study, pray, meditate, or play the piano at any time it is not otherwise in use. Please contact the chaplain if you want to start a study, have questions about worship opportunities, or to set an appointment for counseling and/or confession.

 TBS Religious Ministry Team



LT Curtiss Dwyer, CHC, USN


RP2 Cornelius Gore, FMF