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Marines CDET-PME Program Information and Enrollment

* AY 19 CSC 8900 Program Information
* AY 19 EWS 8660 Program Information
* BSP Course Dates - Handout


Enrollment in the Weekly Seminar Program:  The College of Distance Education and Training (CDET) is currently accepting enrollments for Expeditionary Warfare School Distance Education Program (EWSDEP) and Command and Staff College Distance Education Program (CSCDEP) for the upcoming academic year which begins the week of 10 September 2018 (CSC / EWS).  Enrollments will be accepted until 1 September (after 1 September on a "space available" basis).  In the EWSDEP seminar program (8660) the first course (8661) is completed via self-study.  The second course (8662) should be completed via seminar.  Those unable to attend 8662 in seminar may request a waiver (senior Captains).  The final two courses (8663 and 8664) MUST be completed in seminar.  The entire program (8661 - 8664) will normally require a minimum of two years to complete.  Any interested officer can currently enroll in the 8660 program and start immediately.  Additionally, information and enrollment instructions for both CSC and EWS are available in the "Academic Year 19 CDET/PME Documents" area of site page.

NOTE:  Officers should be aware that failing to begin an OPME program in time to complete before a promotion board is not an acceptable reason to expect approval for "out of sequence" or "doubling up" on courses.  OPME programs other than BSP typically require 2 years to complete.


The Blended Seminar Programs (BSP) for both Command and Staff College (CSC) and Expeditionary Warfare School (EWS) offers distance education students a resident school experience at major bases.  The BSP provides a resident experience to more officers, allowing them to interact, face-to-face, with faculty and fellow students in greater depth.  The BSP is conducted by active duty faculty and full time civilian faculty. Officers can complete CLS or ILS PME in less than one calendar year. CSC BSP = 9 months / EWS BSP = 5.5 months.  The BSP is a combination resident program (students attend classes daily during the work week) and an online program where work is completed during off duty hours --- combining short periods of resident instruction around online seminars that leverages the strengths of both methodologies.  TAD funding is provided by TECOM for officers who are not stationed in the local SoCal Region.  Attached is a schedule of CSC and EWS BSP course dates.  Contact Mr. Willis with questions.  Interested officers should enroll "NOW" if they desire to participate this year, or contact us if they have questions regarding Officer Professional Military Education.

For enrollment assistance contact:

Mrs. Kerrie Parsons:  Email - parsonsk@davisdefense.com, 760-725-8400/3473, Administrative Assistant

For more information on the programs:

Mr. Jeff Willis:  Email - jeffrey.r.willis@usmc.mil, 760-763-8422, Regional Director
Mr. Jack Hall:  Email - hallj@davisdefense.com, Regional Chief Instructor, CSC DEP
Mr. Joe Schwank:  Email - schwanklj@davisdefense.com, Regional Chief Instructor, EWS DEP


The Enlisted College of Distance Education (ECDEP) offers weekly seminars for those Gunnery Sergeants, Staff Sergeants, and Sergeants needing to complete their PME requirements and who are unable to attend the SNCO Academy Resident courses.  Marines may only enroll with a completed command screening list, which includes approval by their unit Sergeant Major and Commanding Officer.  Enrollment requests and completed command screening checklists should be submitted at least 30 days prior to the start of the course.  Course start dates are listed below:

Sergeants School Seminar Program (SSSP):
1-19:  8 October 2018 to 1 February 2019
2-19:  18 February to 31 May 2019
3-19:  17 June to 27 September  2019

Career Schools Seminar Program (CSSP):
1-19:  8 October 2018 to 1 February 2019
2-19:  18 February to 31 May 2019
3-19:  17 June to 27 September 2019

Advanced Schools Seminar Program (ASSP):
2-19:  18 Feb to 31 May 2019
3-19:  17 June to 27 September 2019

For enrollment assistance contact:

Ms. Monica Castillo:  Email - castillom@davisdefense.com, 760-725-8400/3473, Administrative Assistant

For more information on the programs:

POC - 760-763-8425

Mr. Baron Fulford:  Email - fulfordb@davisdefense.com, Regional Chief Instructor, ECDEP (ASSP)
Mr. Harrison Tanksley:  Email - tanksleyh@davisdefense.com, Regional Chief Instructor, ECDEP (SSSP & CSSP)