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Reconnaissance Leader Course

Outcome: The purpose of the Reconnaissance Leader Course is to provide the students with the required knowledge and skills needed to perform the duties of a Reconnaissance Team Leader.

Scope: This course emphasizes planning, briefing, and leading teams in patrolling, ground reconnaissance, and amphibious operations. The course combines collaborative learning and teaching methodologies that focus on delivering training and education in the areas of mission planning, communications, weapons employment, planning and implementing training, reconnaissance reports, surveillance techniques, patrolling, and amphibious team operations. Upon successful completion of this course, the students are capable of performing the duties of a Reconnaissance Team Leader within a Reconnaissance Battalion.

Target Population: The Reconnaissance Leader Course is seeking motivated service members with a desire to learn how to lead small unit clandestine operations in unfamiliar environments more effectively. Good candidates include:

* 0321 Reconnaissance Marines, E4-E7
* 0307 Reconnaissance Officers, O1-O3
* Joint and allied service members of equivalent grades with similar mission sets to Marine Reconnaissance.
* NCOs who have recently performed a lateral move to the community, who cannot be placed in a junior billet due to rank but are lacking the depth of experience of other NCOs.
* NCOs who have operated in a team but need to transition into a leadership role.
* Existing team leaders who seek to expand their leadership capabilities and proficiency within the MOS.

Physical Prerequisites:
- Students must obtain a 1st class Phyiscal Fitness Test (PFT) to enter RLC.
- Water Survival - WSI qualification or joint/allied service equivalent.

Physical Graduation Requirements:
Reconnaissance Physical Assessment Test (RPAT) on T-9 per NAVMC 3500.55C Reconnaissance T&R Manual

Tasks: NAVMC 3500.55C Reconnaissance T&R Manual
2400 Level:
Reconnaissance Mission Planning
Reconnaissance Operations
Amphibious Operations

8 Weeks
48 Training Days
60 Calendar Days (subject to change based on federal holidays)

Training Plan

Weeks 1-3 - Camp Pendleton, CA
Initial Performance Assessment
Small Unit Leadership and Training
Individual Skills
Fire Support
Order Writing
Mission Planning
Confirmation Briefs

Weeks 3-5 - Yuma, AZ
Four full mission profile ground reconnaissance patrols with a full ROC, IPB, and Operations Order on a realistic FOB run by WTI's LCE. The students will be expected to conduct detailed planning and coordination with instructor staff and enablers, and confirmation briefs with field grade officers.

Weeks 5-8 - Kaneohe, HI
Clandestine Landing and Withdrawal
Coastal Piloting
Over The Horizon Operations Planning
Amphibious Operations
Amphibious Reconnaissance Mission
Ground Reconnaissance (Jungle Environment)
Final Exercise (Amphibious into Jungle Environment)

Week 8 - Camp Pendleton, CA

Course Dates

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Select the following links below for documents:

RLC 2-20 DTS Set-up
Command Screening Checklist
Gear List
IPA Study Guide

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Points of Contact

GySgt Jack Hausmann
Email: jack.hausmann@usmc.mil
Comm:  (760) 763-7184

Course Chief
SSgt Adrian Trujillo
Email:  adrian.trujillo@usmc.mil
Comm:  (760) 763-7183